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cellphone jammer detector

find the source jamming your cellphone
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There are now pocket-size battery-operated jammers used by disgruntled commuters according to a NYT-article (link).

We now need pocket-sized jammer detectors, preferably integrated in our high-end smartphones, so we can locate the jammer and ask him or her kindly to free the air for the duration of the discrete call we have to make occasionally.

The NYT opens the article with a description of the nearly proverbial Valley Girl "“blabbing away” into her phone" "using the word ‘like’ all the time."

She probably will not have such a detector and will just fall silent confused about the technology that fails her.

rrr, Nov 08 2007

New York Times article, Nov 04 2007 http://nytimes.com/...ology/04jammer.html
Devices Enforce Silence of Cellphones, Illegally [rrr, Nov 08 2007]


       When people are acting for the public good, albeit in an illegal way, please don't make it easier for them to get caught.   

       If someone wishes to take the risk of jamming mobile phones in my vicinity then I applaud them for doing so and hope that nobody is able to detect who it is.   

       And no, I don't own a mobile phone.
vincevincevince, Nov 08 2007

       Can anyone join in on this idea, or is it just for triplicates?
jtp, Nov 08 2007

       Mobile phones are the least of the problem, but if someone were to invent a baby jammer, I'd be first in the queue.
Wrongfellow, Nov 08 2007

       Cellphone Jammer-Jammer, anyone?
Ling, Nov 08 2007

       just use a cell phone!
evilpenguin, Nov 08 2007

       Maybe cellphone jammers could be legalized using a voting system - there would be CJV (cellphone jammer voters) and if enough people pressed the "Yes" button on their CJV's, then any cellphone jammer in the area would be activated.
phundug, Nov 08 2007

       On detecting a jammer, the jammer detector can make a citizens arrest, as jammers are illegal. The jammer detector should have a built in taser to facilitate this.
bungston, Nov 09 2007

       bungston, that's not very nice. Beer was illegal in the U.S. during prohibition, but that didn't make it wrong.
vincevincevince, Nov 09 2007

       If you package it with bees, in a banjo shaped false leg, I'll take one.
4whom, Nov 09 2007

       I know a few establishments that use jammers. Just pretend to talk on a cellphone for a while, and the owners will get angry. While they scratch their heads, have a friend steal the jammer. Then everything will be alright.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 09 2007

       phundug, good idea, the democratic cell phone jammer! Will you make it into an idea I can vote upon?   

       I would suggest the train compartment comes equipped with a jammer. Send a message to activate it, if more messages are received to activate it than to deactivate it continues to function.   

       In case of emergency everybody sends a message to deactivate the jammer. When the train has a delay for example, everybody wants to call home usually.   

       I wonder if it would be possible to send SMS to the jammer or should the message be send by Bluetooth and infrared while it is on?
rrr, Nov 11 2007

       This kinda exists, albeit as a piece of laptop software requiring an FM arial. I can't find a link to it unfortunately. It told you the distance to the source and if you moved, it would tell you the location. it also did other nifty stuff like being able to open garage doors and things.
marklar, Nov 11 2007

       //Cellphone Jammer-Jammer, anyone?// - Thanks [Ling], but I already have a Cellphone Jammer Detector Detector Taser which performs Cellphone Jammer Jamming very nicely. Lacks bees though.
wagster, Nov 12 2007


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