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Active Shoes

Sense Surface Type and Pace, React for Best Performance
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These are kind of like Positraction Shoes (linkskiy), but with very important differences:

They are powered by the movement of your feet. I can think of a number of ways to do this, and you probably can too.

"Racing slick"-like sole for high-performance on hard, flat ground.

Three or so mov/e/able hard metal pins on very light springs sense surface type. If the ground is hard and smooth, all pins are pressed in to the same exact position when the sole touches down. If the ground is dirt, they sink in somewhat. Et cetera.

Small grippers move out for moderate terrain, but full-size retractable cleats are deployed for extreme conditions.

Small pneumatic pump adjusts the 'suspension' in the shoe for optimal performance/comfort ratio.

Pace sensor senses how fast you're going, and adjusts everything for the best response and grip on the surface. The faster you go, the more agressive the nature of the shoe's components (firmer suspension, better grip on surface, etc.).

Even though these are somewhat similar to Positracs, the pace sensor/tread adjuster combo, suspension adjustment and even the power supply, in my opinion, merit another idea.

galukalock, Jul 13 2003

Positrac Shoes http://www.halfbake...ositraction_20Shoes
[galukalock, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

extruding shoe treads http://www.halfbake...ing_20shoe_20treads
"remote control changing shoe treads" [phoenix, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       If these work, I'll buy them.
silverstormer, Jul 13 2003

       I'm sorry, but I fail to see how these are different from the Positrac Shoes. The only point you explicitly mention is the power source and [doged] doesn't say his *aren't* "powered by the movement of your feet".
phoenix, Jul 13 2003

       <Retracts half-eaten croissant from [galukalock]'s gaping mouth>
Sorry, [phoneix] seems to be right. [Dog ed]'s does sound similar.
</Retracts half-eaten croissant from [galukalock]'s gaping mouth>
silverstormer, Jul 13 2003

       However, Positrac Shoes don't have suspension control or pace sensor. Those are two more very important distinctive components.   

       //remote control changing shoe treads//   

       Good idea, but when you're chasing the guy who stole your money through mud, or trying to escape an assailant on slickery grass, do you really want to fumble around with a remote?
galukalock, Jul 13 2003

       That's the beauty of it all: no more than a set of hi-tops. Really, how much does a micropump weigh? A tenth of an ounce? A sensor is a grain or so. The master chip that runs it all is a mere 20 nothings. And the batteries, the heavyweight components that you keep charged by walking, they're a whopping ounce. 25 grams.
galukalock, Jul 13 2003


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