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Artificial Intelligence Comeback

For immediate response to offenses
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A device worn on the person which monitors conversations and generates appropriate responses to the individual whom has disparaged or insulted you.

Ten levels of responses are available depending upon the level of the offending statement, ranging from mild to asshat.

Faulstroh, Apr 20 2022

Jason_20and_20The_20Arguenots not Ai - real people! [xenzag, Apr 21 2022]


       I could use this because I always think of a good thing to say a day or two late!   


       Too late…always. +
xandram, Apr 21 2022

       Saw a video clip the other day of a stand-up comedian getting heckled and his response was priceless.   

       He started his act with, "The first time I had sex...", and somebody in the audience yells, "Yesterday?".   

       After an extremely pregnant pause waiting for the laughter to die down the comedian says, "I'm so glad you remember", which Really got the audience howling.   


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