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Activity Network

Meeting Mr/s Right: How to meet the person you will spend the rest of your life with
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- Connect with your lifemate (or at least 1st one :)


- You really want to meet your lifemate. - Many people who work in offices, at home, etc. encounter very few people in a given year. - The odds of connecting with someone goes up directly with the number of people met under the right circumstances. - The right circumstances are NOT a bar, the internet, etc. (this is the mother/father of your children we are talking about!). - It is VERY hard to meet people after education is complete since you are not forced together with people the same age and in the same life circumstances. - You can only meet your lifemate if you meet SOMEONE (staying at home alone has not worked so far...) - The BEST way to meet and connect with a potential lifemate is doing something fun/interesting together.


- How can a person find their lifemate when it is so hard to meet people and when the existing means of meeting people are so undesireable?


- Make your own means of meeting people. As follows:

1. Hopefully, you at least have a group of friends who are in the same boat as you. Tell each of them about this system and invite them to a kick-off meeting. 2. Explain this system to them - give a speech explaining why each of them has not met their lifemate (a simple numbers problem, etc.). 3. Ask each person to commit one weekend day per month to participate in a planned activity (canoeing, climbing, hiking, museum, balooning, etc.). 4. On a rotating basis, each participant must plan and organize that day's activity. 5. For every activity, each participant must invite at least 1 friend the other people don't know who is also single, interested in meeting people, etc. 6. Hopefully, at these events, people will connect with a friend of a friend. 7. If it looks like an invited person is not going to connect with anyone, they are told what is going on and asked if they want to participate. 8. This way the set of participants grows. 9. As people find their lifemate, move in together, get married, they will likely drop out of the group. This is OK - mission accomplished!

patissier, Jan 15 2008

Plenty of Fish http://www.plentyoffish.com
the next best thing - totally free online dating... maybe a model to base the activity network on? [afinehowdoyoudo, Jan 15 2008]

Table For Six (1997) http://www.tableforsix.com/
Activity-oriented. [jutta, Jan 15 2008]


       Yay! I'd vote [+] twice if I could. What attracts people together is who they 'are', not some cooked up bu'sh on a dating profile. The best way for that to happen is within a fun & social context. Don't know about rules 5 & 7 though.. seems onerous.
afinehowdoyoudo, Jan 15 2008

       There are plenty of singles' groups that specialize in hosting activities for singles - either ot meet other singles or to just have a good time. A professional, central organizer isn't as interesting as this pyramid scheme, but has the advantage that the whole thing doesn't break down if most of the members turn out to be slackers.   

       I don't like the notion that there is a specific "Mr/Mrs Right", but that leads into murkier philosophical waters.
jutta, Jan 15 2008

       If you have friends willing to organize and participate in this manner, you'll probably have the opportunity to meet people, regardless. What's needed is a network for slackers, shut-ins, and TV-watchers, who, otherwise, would not have the same opportunity.
xrayTed, Jan 16 2008

       oh, wait.. I mistook it to be an idea for a website whereby strangers could arrange activities based on common interests, to be conducted in the safety of numbers. Doing this offline with one's own friends seems likely to fail, for some reason.
afinehowdoyoudo, Jan 16 2008

       [xrayTed], exactly! All those 1/2 baked slackers & 'net addicts have neglected their real-life friends beyond the point of organizing something like this. Makes me wonder how it would be any different with the new set of friends, though... *frowns & wrinkles brow*
afinehowdoyoudo, Jan 16 2008

       This definitely needs an online component. I suggest a dating chatroom/forum where people can get to know eachother's online persona. Then the site organiser posts an event (having done a deal with the event organiser for commission). People sign up for the event (watersports or whatever (no, not that sort of watersports)) and encourage the people they are interested in to go. At the actual event people don't have to tell anyone what their online nickname is so if the person you were flirting with turns out to be a nightmare, you can avoid them.
marklar, Jan 16 2008


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