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Dalai Lama Speed Dating

The Dalai Lama guides Tibetans to speed date the criteria is the genetics of kindness happiness as well as calm
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The Dalai Lama radiates compassionate kindness guiding people towards mutual peace As Leader of Tibet the Dalai Lama also guides the government I am thrilled to note that As an fMRI of emotion conference leader the Dalai Lama seeks to find the physical basis of beneficial emotional states

Much of emotional state is genetic There is material online that says using genotype matching to build up a trait is 9 times more effective than just breeding with behavioral or physical phenotype

The Tibetan Speed Dating Agency screens tibetans to find a number of valued genetic characteristics as genes The Dalai Lama guides this with deep compassion towards lovingkindness

then groups of thirty genetically supercompatible Tibetans go speed dating a kind of three minute quick meeting where people rotate seats where daters can tell if their feelings go Zing (most huyman resource people are able to tell if a person will be hired or not at near .7-.9 of a second) If among those thirty people the Tibetans meet a zingy date the population of Tibet accumulates deep physiological capacity at lovingkindness

The wonderful thing is that this spreads to Chinese near Tibet thus creating genetically peaceful neighbors who will see the person before the Chinese government directive to create a buffer of civil rights

beanangel, Dec 17 2008


       So...you propose a Buddhist organization to screen Buddhists' prospective dates for peacefulness?   

       [-] religiously-motivated eugenics
sninctown, Dec 18 2008

       you say that like it's a bad thing: beanangel is a firm believer in eugenics as a sound and ethical social policy. I doubt that his motivations are actually religious, merely musings on different ways in which eugenics and "genetic purity" can be rationalized. He should be careful or his inferior ideas will be noticed by the authorities and he'll be on the train to the sterilization plant.
WcW, Dec 18 2008

       what [sninctown] said
Voice, Dec 18 2008

       Awww, I thought this would be a set of items, and the prospective date would have to choose the right combination. Gentle hints for the better prospects allowed, of course.
4whom, Dec 18 2008

       //different ways in which eugenics and "genetic purity" can be rationalized//
Can we start by breeding out the specific genetic flaw that stops people from using full stops?
Thank You.
gnomethang, Dec 18 2008

       Since you arent using any --- .... .--.,..,...,... ---,..-.,..-.
miasere, Dec 18 2008


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