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Additional elevator buttons

Strategically placed up/down buttons for elevators
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In buildings where everybody knows where they're going (offices, dorms, etc.), there should be strategically placed elevator up/down request buttons throughout the building in addition to those at the elevator. For example, there should be an up button at the entrance of the building so people can press up and by the time they've walked across the lobby to the elevator it's ready for them.
calculust, May 13 2003

the best psychic elevators ever http://carbon.cuden...u/~mstilman/zaphod/
[ato_de, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Random lift button http://x.i-dat.org/speed/random/
I can't believe it's not imaginary! [OnionBread, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator http://www.amazon.c...41301120/halfbakery
I always wanted one of these. [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Hurry up and wait, meet hurry up and hurry
thumbwax, May 13 2003

       These buttons should take into account the walking time to the elevators door.   

       Furthermore, elevators should detect the number of people at a given elevators lobby, make an educated guess on their direction of heading and integrate this with the laden weight of the elevator to coordinate elevator movement.
FloridaManatee, May 13 2003

       piggy-back service for people who are afraid of lifts.
po, May 13 2003

       blissmiss, How about rubber hands sticking out of the side of the elevator walls, keeps the wages down for the building owner.
scubadooper, May 13 2003

       [FM] I'd take this a step further. Some modern office systems have locaters in employees' badges. Perhaps a system can sense your presence in a lobby, know what floor you work on, and dispatch an elevator to be ready and waiting with your button already pushed.
Worldgineer, May 13 2003

       I always thought that office building doors, when you press the release to exit, should call the elevator for you. Then again, the better office buildings have good enough elevator programming that one usually *is* waiting for you when you leave.   

       Though, on the whole, I was hoping this idea was for additional buttons like "Left," "Right," "Forward," "Back," "The Pub," etc.
DrCurry, May 13 2003

       (continuing on bliss's thread) I would imagine a crowded elevator could be a bit... uncomfortable.
Worldgineer, May 13 2003

       Should make for a fun time though!
scubadooper, May 13 2003

       Yeah, and don't drive, either. Or fly.
bristolz, May 13 2003

       Douglas Adams.
ato_de, May 13 2003

       everywhere I have worked, it is impossible to use the stairs to do anything but evacuate the building. it is quite anoying.
johnmeacham, May 13 2003

       very nice.
morpheus, May 13 2003

       Like The Good Doctor, I assumed extra buttons inside the elevator (or lift, as we say over here). But I would add 'Go slow, I need time to think', 'Don't stop for anybody else, I'm feeling fragile', 'Go up and down quickly a few times, I like that funny feeling in my stomach'
OnionBread, May 14 2003

       How about a random button. "I think I'll go... Where ever." Great to just get away from work. "Sorry boss, I hit the random button again and couldn't get back."
SunTzu, May 14 2003

       For office buildings, an elevator(lift) paging device. Simply press to page the elevator while still in your office and wait for a beep/vibration when it is free and enroute.
silverstormer, May 14 2003

       //How about a random button//

Ask, and it shall be given! I present, for your delectation and delight, the first ever random lift button (link).
OnionBread, May 19 2003

       A "Jiggle" button would be fun... especially if it also played random sound effects, like creaking, or a steel cable snapping. Combine with [sarnapolis]'s "accelerate" function!
"-- Kidding! That was just me."
"-- Kidding, gotcha again!"
"Aaaaaaaaaa!! Would you stop it!"
"Stop what?"

       "Radio" buttons: Turns on an AM/FM radio. Useful if you're stuck in an elevator overnight or something and you're bored to death.   

       "Open/Close" button. Opens the door if it's closed; closes it if it's open. Better than two separate buttons, because when I need one fast, I always hit the wrong one.
phundug, May 20 2003


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