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Adjustable-Height Urinal

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Urinals have the problem of never being at quite the right height; splashback, up-aiming, or floor-level drains are all problems connected with the jiggers.

So make them adjustable.

A moderately-standard urinal would be mounted onto a hydraulic pump, similar to those which raise and lower barbers' chairs. A few light foot pushes (as urinals weigh less than you or I) would raise the urinal or lower it to the desired height.

To prevent forward tippage, this would be connected to a rail on the wall.

Water and waste would flow through flexible rubber hoses, so that movement doesn't do things like bend pipes.

Note: While not widely known to exist, a US patent has been issued for an adustable-height urinal, with height set by the user using a cylinder that is powered by the water flowing therein. It's an exceptionally-complex design (it's got a rotating cam!). This, I think, is different enough that it's worthy of its own spot.

shapu, Jul 26 2006

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       Perhaps the users of the urinal could have some sort of aiming device installed. Perhaps a short fleshy tube two or more inches in length that can be manipulated to direct the stream into a fixed urinal.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 27 2006

       Tall individuals like myself need this. I use stalls for fear of splashback.
ed, Jul 27 2006

       You don't just pull up the rubber mat inside to a comfortable height?
reensure, Jul 27 2006

       No, I tend not to touch anything I don't absolutely have to touch with my hands in a bathroom.
shapu, Jul 27 2006

       Those silly urinals are never low enough. ::ducks::
sartep, Jul 27 2006

       A very similar idea was posted a while back and deleted. Full length urinals (the kind that go all the way to the floor) already take care of this problem, and are much simpler than this.
hidden truths, Jul 27 2006

       Then what's the point of having them?   

       Besides, this way there's no worry about staining my shoetips.
shapu, Jul 27 2006


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