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Laser Sight for Mr. Winky

For those with poor aim.
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Simple strap-on laser sight to insure proper aim when a urinal isn't handy (and for some...all the time).
Reverend D, Jun 24 2001

Another visual aid http://www.campbell...or_fly_on_wall.html
Might be apocryphal-- has anyone actually seen the original Wall Street Journal article? [hob, Jun 24 2001]

(?) And another http://www.ilovebac...noway/013001c.shtml
[hob, Jun 24 2001]


       This would be just fine in zero-gravity. However, here on earth my wee wee descends in an arc, and there are just so many factors involved in making an accurate shot - I would need an on-board computer.
steg, Jun 24 2001

       I'm for laser sights on anything.
The Military, Jun 24 2001

       With the laser sight.
The Military, Jun 24 2001

       In conventional laser sight configuration.
The Military, Jun 25 2001

       [steg] Fine, for you we'll add the 'Super-Soaker' high pressure wee-wee pump to insure as little arc as possible. [UB] Two words...Duct tape.   

Reverend D, Jun 25 2001

       If you make first part of any discharge luminescent you will have implemented "tracer fire" to help you both adjust the trajectory and clean up any initial spillage.
Aristotle, Jun 25 2001

       With high enough powered lasers, perhaps a spin off from the STAR WARS project, urine drops could be evaporated mid-air, thus rendering obsolete any need for the toilet at all.
lubbit, Jun 25 2001

       However evaporating in-flight urine would give rise to some rather unpleasant steam. As with many things what goes up must come down, after all.
Aristotle, Jun 25 2001

       Not if you had an air vent sucking up the vapour and sending it to a sewage plant...
RobertKidney, Jun 25 2001

       I've been considering everyone's input here and I think I've come up with the solution. Working with the laser sight idea, create a 'homing' toilet. Essentially, this toilet can detect the laser, determine the distance of the user, check the incoming speed of the urine and adjust itself for maximum containment.   

       Sound better?
Reverend D, Jun 25 2001

       Ahh yes. But will that work when you're drunk? The self correcting toilet combined with the laser sight will do this (assuming you aren't peeing on the wall).
Reverend D, Jun 25 2001

       I think the same homing technology should be built into every sink for when people are sick from drinking excess amounts of alcohol. Anti-clogging devices would also be necessary.
Aristotle, Jun 26 2001


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