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Hydrodynamic Ballistic Urinal

Splash Deflection for the Discerning Discharger of Liquid Waste
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Much like the angled metal backstop at the end of an indoor firing range (looks like [>] from the side,) the hydrodynamic ballistic urinal will angle splashes and droplets toward the center of the urinal. The base will have a small lip (looks a bit like [(>] from the top,) with holes in the inner facing side to catch the droplets that spray amiss and are pulled downward by gravity. Different solutions to the problem has been posted in the past, but the physics of this notion [link], as well as the hygiene[link], seem a little more effective, in my humble.
contracts, Jul 30 2004

Urinal Horn http://www.halfbake.../idea/Urinal_20Horn
Some funneling problems [contracts, Oct 17 2004]

Urinal Sponge http://www.halfbake...Splash_20Prevention
Just unhealthy. [contracts, Oct 17 2004]


       [+] if anything for the title, nice one [contracts]
skinflaps, Jul 30 2004

       [Tabs], that's perfect so long as it isn't incorporated into an on-site "Pneumatic Mail Delivery Tube." Sure, you'd save on seperate air-pressure systems but think of all the ruined inter-office correspondence. :-D Suction would help prevent the pervasive stale urine odor. You get my [+] for the hoover-standi-john.
contracts, Jul 30 2004

       How about a urinal with one of those drip-proof tops, like on liquid-detergent bottles, where there's an extra rim around the spout that catches overflow and drains it back into the bottle? Except that you'd have to be in the bottle, which means you'd have to be in the urinal. Never mind.
Ander, Jul 31 2004

       [Ander], if the inner tube (as opposed to inner-tube) were large enough, I think I could utilize that without . . . ugh, touching the sides.
contracts, Aug 02 2004

       Wow...anytime you mix human excrement and ballistics, you've got my vote.
shapu, Aug 04 2004

       [shapu] there's a place for people like you...
Sattamassagana, Aug 04 2004

       Perhaps a zero-G environment and a gentle fan-forced breeze would work? All droplets simple drift away on the breeze, are carbonated and recycled back into the beer delivery system?
Zanzibar, Aug 05 2004

       Find a bush*. They are naturally designed to channel all possible water directly to the roots beneath it.   

       *Note: Bushes in the wild, NOT in someone's yard. They get mad.
destructionism, Aug 05 2004

       [destructionism], you sick, sick puppy. Bushes are designed to aid in the regulation of genital temperature. It has absolutely nothing to do with controlling the flow of urine. That's disgusting.
contracts, Aug 05 2004

       [contracts] Saying your mind was in the gutter is an understatement. You're head first in the storm drain with your feet sticking out the top. :D
destructionism, Aug 05 2004


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