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Home urinal

Why not at home?
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With homes getting larger and larger, baths and showers taking up more space, why not home urinals? It would take so little plumbing to give us a little more convenient waystation, and might keep the seated bowl a little more hygenic.
Wondertoad, May 01 2001

ToyletbowlBBS. http://toyletbowlbbs.home.att.net/
Talks about urinals and toilets (spelled wrong). Also about LED flashlights. [Amishman35, May 25 2002]


       I'm voting for this one because I'm so sick of my wife leaving the toilet seat down. This will solve that problem.
globaltourniquet, May 01 2001

       if i came around to your house could i scratch dirty limericks into your wall while i used your urinal - or might you come in use it while i am also using it?   

       we could write things together.   

       maybe we could hold hands.
benfrost, May 01 2001

       Ready, men, for the Ultimate Ultimatum: "Well, I'm not going to clean it, dear, because it's obvious I never use it. So just take the Comet cleanser and get your little fanny in there and start scrubbing!"
Dog Ed, May 01 2001

       Next thing you know, you sneak in on her one day, and you catch her, aiming carefully......
globaltourniquet, May 01 2001

       Didn't realize how lucky I was.   

       I live in a house that was former restaurant and bed and breakfast and has a men's and lady's room off of the living room. Stalls, electric hand dryers and a urinal in the men's room.   

       The real benefit here is that my son and I can have our own bathroom that can be cleaned whenever we get around to it and not when my wife spys individual dust molecules that may have settled on the porcelain.
RobGraham, May 01 2001

       Ahhh... my own little slice of heaven--a full stall urinal. Not one of those bulbous wall-pod jobbers, but rather a sleek, inviting, blinding white porcelain chute that cascades from above my belt to a stainless steel dome between my feet. Throw on a 1.5 gal/flush chromed Sloan unit on top and I'd be a happy man.
brypri, May 05 2001

       And I thought we all used the washbasin.. is it only me?
Mygo, Oct 10 2001

       baked: you can already buy a wide variety of urinals for home installation, including a wide range of female urinals.
kaz, Mar 11 2002

       ...and that would be?...
phoenix, Mar 12 2002

       I'm amazed nobody mentioned the enormous water conservation--especially with no-flush urinals.   

       And what kaz said.
nilstycho, Dec 30 2003

       Recycling this one for historical interest. Very early HBer [Wondertoad]'s one and only extant idea. The contemporary [benfrost] annotation is a classic - shows some very slight hesitation to go to the extremes. He gets over in later years.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 08 2008

       A small request: if you want to play halfbakery tour guide for your friends, make pages that refer to the ideas that you're talking about (either in your user page or externally); don't bump the ideas without having something to actually add to the idea.   

       (Imagine everybody started doing that - the ideas fill up with unrelated chatter, and the end effect is simply noise.)   

jutta, Jan 09 2008


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