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Adjustable win conditions for Solitaire

Win percentage shouldn't be left to luck of the draw
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Currently, in the standard Solitaire, playing with Vegas-style scoring, you frequently are dealt unwinnable hands. Even in an unwinnable hand, however, you can still break even or even come out ahead of your previous score. I think it's unfair that, even if you get all points possible out of a hand, it can still count as a loss in your statistics.

So I'd like a couple of win conditions you can set, including 'break even', 'surpass previous score', and 'earn all points possible'.

That is all.

21 Quest, Jul 26 2012


       Or perhaps when you lose, a window should pop up saying, "Your life on this planet is limited. Why are you wasting it playing a pointless computer game ? Turn the computer off, and go do something real".
8th of 7, Jul 26 2012

       I think that's actually what should happen when you /win/.
ytk, Jul 26 2012

       [Options] [Draw 3][Vegas Scoring]

       Hold [ctr][alt][shift] as you click on the pile. Increases your odds. Current win percentage, 50% and bank sits at $3,823,518.

       P.S. I have no life...
Klaatu, Jul 26 2012

       If you lose then you could always get a life.
UnaBubba, Jul 26 2012

       Why is it called "Vegas scoring"? Did they ever actually play solitaire in Las Vegas? (Sorry honey, I lost $22,000 at the solitaire table and I had to sell our plane tickets)
phundug, Jul 27 2012

       //Did they ever actually play solitaire in Las Vegas?//

       My understanding is that a few casinos in Lost Wages, Nevada still have solitaire tables.
Klaatu, Jul 30 2012

       Hey thanks, klaatu, that worked wonders. Went from -52 to +12,077 in 3 days. Still, though, some hands remain unwinnable and I'd like to have the fact that I've scored the highest score possible to be reflected in my win percentage.

       //Get a life//

       I play solitaire while listening to political debates, to educate myself on the issues at hand. In total, maybe 2-3 hours every few days.
21 Quest, Jul 30 2012

       //listening to political debates//

       Get a life.   
ytk, Jul 30 2012

       // playing with Vegas-style scoring, you frequently are dealt unwinnable hands //

       That's more or less what happens in every Vegas casino game. It's the economic base of the entire state of Nevada.
Alterother, Jul 30 2012


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