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Outlook Calendar Solitaire

Make it look like you are moving around appointments
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A dude I work with is constantly playing solitaire, and everytime I walk past his desk he breaks into fits of minimilasation as he tries to hide what he is doing..

My idea is that you have solitaire that pretty much looks like an outlook calendar. You basically just move the appointments to the top depending on the colour ie; the suit, which you could rename ie; spades would now be meet with boss, and you just have the same symbols for the king queen and jack, or just there Caps- K,Q or J, and you really only need two colours, maybe two shades of blue for clubs and spades, and two yellows for hearts and diamonds...

Well it would look half legit anyway..

Supercruiser, Jul 17 2007


       I've seen this once with a web-based MORPG (sorry can't find it). When you put it in work mode it looks like an Excel spreadsheet.   

       I might bake this in Flash if I get the time, but I might leave the rules out, I suspect that would take 90% of the time. Plus everyone wants to cheat a couple of times if they get stuck, there should be a feature in solitare to let you cheat, but keep track of it in the score.
marklar, Jul 17 2007

       Or an outlook express window that contains HB, but looks like your reading email......   

       (thats what I NEED right now!)
evilpenguin, Jul 17 2007

       // fits of minimilasation //   

       I hope you don't have one of those while you try to hide this croissant from your boss...
phundug, Jul 17 2007

       (+) Yay, things that look like other things.   

       Any idea what to do with Desktop Tower Defense?
jutta, Jul 17 2007

       I believe we've already discussed making the 'bakery appear as a spreadsheet.   

       Now if we could just format blogs to look like reports.
normzone, Jul 17 2007

       I prefer to just play Solitaire, then let a small amount of drool dribble down my chin as I look at a spot just above my bosses eyes. Gets me out of any conflict scenario....   

       Eck! Eck!   

       One slightly drooly croissant on its way...
Micky Dread, Jul 18 2007

       [jutta] Would it be within the T&C for me to host an Excelesque page made from a Halfbakery RSS?
marklar, Jul 18 2007


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