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way to a better memory?

a "twist" on the familiar memory/concentration game?
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Computer based version of the well known memory game.
Now, everyone knows memory or concentration - where you have a set of cards face down on the table and by turning over two at a time you have to match the pairs. I want to make one of these games for the web, but instead of pictures being revealed when you click on the cards, a sound will play. You would be matching sounds not pictures.
I am aware many of the visual style games already exist on the web, some good but generally poor.
In my version, the sounds you play with can be chosen from a bank of sounds including sound bites from famous films, TV programs etc (for example Homer "Doh!", the knights who say "Nee!", light sabers swooshing, etc, etc)
the idea of doing this game on the web is that you would be able to select the sound bites a friend would find amusing and then e-mail your personalised game to them to play. Alternatively you could pick sounds of vomiting, diarrhoea , and self-mutilation and email it to someone you don’t like.

a few points misunderstood in original posting: -

The game is to match pairs of sounds, not guess what they are.
The grid of cards is still used so as well as making a sound, the card you click on will turn over to guarantee you know which card you have chosen.
Yes, ideally, you would be able to upload your own sounds as well, but this would take knowledge of the technology, I do not possess.
as well as general pro's and con's, suggestions for sounds and improvements would be appreciated.
ps some games are judged on time others on number of go's. any preferences?

chimpboy, Apr 05 2001

old ronny reagan's memory game http://www.chickenh...om/features/reagan/
nice little twist on the original game [chimpboy, Apr 05 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

picons-memory http://www.cs.india...i-bin/picons-memory
simple version of memory [chimpboy, Apr 05 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       WILLLLMAAAA! (pounding on Bedrock house door)
1percent, Apr 05 2001

       ravenswood - is it that round game with coloured light panels on it? cos' a mate mentioned it to me. I think the idea was to repeat the pattern back to it, but i'm not sure. A bit like the clapping thing at school when the teacher stands at the front and claps a tune then the kids have to clap it back?
chimpboy, Apr 06 2001

       That game is called "Simon". The patterns are repeated by pushing the lit panels. Color, location, and sound always match. This is quite different from [chimpboy]'s original game proposal.
jutta, Apr 06 2001

       I'm actually going to try and make it in director or flash. I thought it would be a generally amusing addition to the world of e-greetings.
suggestions still welcome.
chimpboy, Apr 09 2001, last modified Apr 21 2001


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