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FreeCell Instant Replay

Watch your FreeCell games replayed
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For those of us unsophisticated enough to be addicted to FreeCell, we all know the greatest thrill is winning that seemingly unwinnable game. Wouldn't it be great to relive your glory with a little instant replay? Or prove to fellow FreeCell geeks that you actually did win game #9764?
raisin, Sep 27 2000

Proven unwinnable http://www.cs.ruu.n...l/freecellhtml.html
Thanks, memepool! [centauri, Sep 27 2000]


       Minesweeper, too.   

       By the way, if you find yourself trapped in a Freecell game, hit CTRL-SHIFT-F10. My average is way up nowadays.
centauri, Sep 27 2000

       thanks for the tip...but i play 99% of my games on a touch screen handheld with a funky little screen keyboard and i'm not sure i can simultaneously press buttons
raisin, Sep 27 2000

       Couldn't you work backwards to come up with an unwinnable game? ____________   

       The link above talks about unwinnable Freecell games. They can happen, at least with a real deck of cards. I have a feeling that MS keeps their game from generating these as well as the trivial setups.
centauri, Dec 29 2000, last modified Jan 06 2001

       Dang, centauri beat me to the link.
egnor, Jan 07 2001

       How about a web site with a java freecell game. The site could keep a high score table; a list of games solved in the least number of moves. As long as the algorithm is capable of generating all of the possible games you could easily solve this with human effort.   

       If you wanted to prove that you had the best solution for a game you could build in an action replay (you'd need to store move information anyway to stop people faking results).   

       (analogous to the seti@home project but using distributed spare human processor power)
st3f, Apr 30 2001

       Or 'slacking', as it's usually called.
angel, Apr 30 2001

       Seeing this idea on the new list again reminded me that I want to have an instant replay for my minesweeper games. In slow-motion, with multiple shots of the clicked-on tile exploding, from different angles. Pixel debris tumbling into the distance. The mouse cursor moving away as the tile begins to explode and diving into a inter-cell groove just in time to escape the blast.
wiml, May 01 2001


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