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Advert-TV-Movie linkages

Parlour game that will (hopefully) sweep the planet.
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This is a game with no clear winner, based upon those comedy sketches where someone combines two movies or shows with a common word, i.e. "The Year of Living Johnny Dangerously" or "Independence Day of the Triffids". The idea here, however, is to combine specifically an advertising tag line and a television show to create a movie. The trick to it is that you also have to give a brief synopsis of this fictional film.
Example: "Subway: Eat Fresh Prince of Bel Air"- Jared and his Subway diet minions become flesh-eating zombies and the only one who can save the world from them is... Will Smith! This summer's blockbuster hit!
Cr0esus47, Jun 27 2003


       I'm afraid the only thing these movies will end up sweeping is the back room. (Now get back to work!)
Cedar Park, Jun 27 2003

       Does sound a lot like the Photoshop competitions on SomethingAwful and Worth1000.
DrCurry, Jun 27 2003

       I think its a fun combination of word play and pop-culture knowledge. I give it two snaps up.
krelnik, Jun 27 2003

       I did attend a screening of the latter half of, as the marquee put it:   

       'My Big Fat Greek Monsoon Wedding'.
n-pearson, Jun 30 2003

       It does exactly what it says on the Tin Cup.
Man, that was crap. This game is hard.
my face your, Jun 30 2003

       OK this one is waaaaaaaay out there: "McDonald's: I'm lovin' it is written" (for those of you who don't know or don't come from my neck of the woods, "It Is Written" is a Sunday-morning Bible-fest) Movie Synopsis: Charlton Heston stars in his final wacky Bible epic as Moses, accidentally ripped from the past and plopped into the 21st Century. McDonald's secures the rights to merchandise the event and Heston battles to show how godless (and un-kosher) his corporate sponsors are. Hilarity ensues! I think I'm about to get flame-broiled for this one... *LOL*
Cr0esus47, Nov 11 2003


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