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Advertising Yourself...

...for instant celebrity
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Pay for an ad on a highly visible channel, such as the one that shows your local listings.

Just your smiling face, your phone number underneath, and the background music of your choice.

After a few days of running the ad, go on a walkabout and see how many people recognize you.

Giblet, Jan 09 2005


       Knock yourself out.   

       Are you trying to Hammer Virus me? :)
Giblet, Jan 09 2005

       Ha. I like it.   

       Also, I just added "Knock yourself out'", into my Hammer Virus idea. Thanks!
Mustardface, Jan 09 2005

       I like the idea; what I worry about is that most viewers would assume you intend to sell real estate.
xrayTed, Jan 09 2005

       Just a smiling face would get more exposure per $ in print media. You have to DO something when you are on TV so that people can look for a reptilian flinch as a reason not to elect you as president.
mensmaximus, Jan 09 2005

       err.. baked pretty much with the Paris Hilton cult of no personality.
neilp, Jan 10 2005


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