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A day will come when kisses and hugs are just not enough.
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Familliar with Hershey's kisses? [link]
Good stuff to be sure, but, I believe, not yet marketed to its fullest.

There should be little igloo shaped eskimo kisses, butterfly shaped kisses, perhaps even a limited halloween kiss of death.

http://www.hersheys...tory.asp?event=1907 [2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 01 2005]

sex, DC not love! http://www.couplesc...ocolate/default.htm
[po, May 01 2005]

love, po, *and* sex http://www.bbc.co.u...te/addictive2.shtml
[DrCurry, May 01 2005]

A delicious, beautiful and fast chocolate collection. AutoBahn-Bons
with liquid cherry center! [ato_de, May 03 2005]


       After I read the first paragraph, I was sure this was somehow going to involve chocolate covered butterflies.
My only question: How do they wrap the butterfly shaped ones?
AfroAssault, May 01 2005

       un baiser français?
po, May 01 2005

       //How do they wrap the butterfly shaped ones?//
Why in a cocoon of course,
<later edit> inside of a tinfoil caterpillar.

       Oui, comment pourrais j'oublier [po]   

       "A day will come when kisses and hugs are just not enough" - chocolate orgasms, maybe?
DrCurry, May 01 2005

       I've read that chocolate stimulates the same pleasure centers in the brain as an orgasm, so maybe.   

       Love, actually, not orgasms.
DrCurry, May 01 2005


       oval, milk, coffee, fold.
po, May 01 2005

       See counterlink, from a more reputable source. Though same link notes that you would need to eat several kilos of chocolate to experience a significant effect.
DrCurry, May 01 2005

       eat me!
po, May 01 2005

       Just when I think I know everything, it turns out [po]'s made of chocolate. Go figure.
AfroAssault, May 01 2005

po, May 01 2005

       your loss.
po, May 01 2005

       I thought this would be some strange new kind of hickey.
disbomber, May 01 2005

       //I thought this would be some strange new kind of hickey//
No, just a new chocolate do-hickey...
silverstormer, May 02 2005

       Now Hershey Hickeys would sell like hotcakes. Makes me wonder what the first hotcakes sold like.   

       Glasgow Kisses, from the makers of Hate Hearts.
calum, May 02 2005

       The Kiss of Life can be filled with air, save for a little dribble of faux-vomit that can trickle from the corner of your mouth as you bite down.
benfrost, May 03 2005

       Until they start putting any (nice tasting, decent quality) chocolate in those kisses things, then they can make them any shape they like and they won't sell any to me.
ivanhoe, May 03 2005

       Frankie Goes To Hollywood had a track called "Krisco Kisses" - are these similar? <innocent grin>
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 03 2005

       /Glasgow Kisses, from the makers of Hate Hearts//

Heh! We're in 'Crunchy Frog' & 'Spring Surprise' territory I suspect.
DrBob, May 03 2005

       Paddy whack,   

       Fanny smacks,   

       There's a name of a candy here   

       But it's not exactly clear.
mensmaximus, May 03 2005

       The high amount of surface area on butterfly wings would make this melt fast & taste great (if made w/ good chololate).   

       As for fabrication, pack them like cheese slices, with a thin, flat butterfly in between layers of foil or paper. Just peel one back, and if you wish, fold it gently.   

       Not for warm weather, though.
sophocles, May 04 2005


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