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Better CarFax Commercials

Because they're currently a how-to guide for self embarrassment
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CarFax commercials tell you that all you need to do to to ensure you don't get burned by an auto dealer is to "just say 'show me the CarFax'". What they don't tell people is how to read a CarFax report and what information to look for. If you walk into a dealer and say "show me the CarFax" and then look like you're trying to read an ancient Chinese manuscript, the dealers gonna know you're a moron and see it as a green light for him to rip you off some other way.

So CarFax should run parallel commercials showing examples of good CarFax reports, as well as examples of bad ones, and how to tell the difference.

21 Quest, Apr 22 2011

"Buying Used Cars" for Dummies http://www.dummies....o-avoid-buying.html
There it is, but I couldn't tell if it included CarFax. [Boomershine, Apr 22 2011]

How to read a CarFax report http://usedcars.abo...s/ss/CarFaxInfo.htm
[21 Quest, Apr 22 2011]

Carfax in the past http://www.headingt...ur/south/carfax.htm
[pocmloc, Apr 23 2011]


       Good idea, methinks. How about a "CarFax for Dummies" edition? Come to think of it, is there a "Buying Used Cars For Dummies"? That could include your idea. Anyway, have a bun. [+]
Boomershine, Apr 22 2011

       And, yes, I realize that real dummies do not need cars.
Boomershine, Apr 22 2011

Boomershine, Apr 22 2011

       //And, yes, I realize that real dummies do not need cars.//

       And, that, nevertheless, lots of them do own cars. (Fortunately, they do not frequent the HB.)
Boomershine, Apr 22 2011

       I remember a reasonably sized flip book given at the end of college that delineated all sorts of the ins and out of the "real world", including insurance and retirement plans, etc.

       Everyone needs these types of books, perhaps, and the section on cars needs to be about this detailed. [+]
daseva, Apr 23 2011


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