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Wind tunnels make everything better
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WKTE practice for bicycle commuters is to strap a pool noodle to their bike for visibility and to encourage drivers to give them enough space when passing. (link)

But a 4” to 6” form sticking out 3’ from the side of the bike induces a lot of drag. Wind tunnel testing could define an ideal aero shape and AeroNoodles could be marketed for a price several orders of magnitude higher than the simple round bit of expanded foam - especially to clowns who think there really is much drag at typical bike commuter / messenger / tourist speeds.

a1, Oct 06 2022

Why every cyclist needs a pool noodle https://qz.com/1620...k-is-a-pool-noodle/
[a1, Oct 06 2022]

Flag? https://www.amazon....roof/dp/B07R4ZZKTZ/
flag pole [mylodon, Oct 06 2022]

Like this? https://www.google....092766081%26psc%3D1
[21 Quest, Oct 06 2022]

When I was a child we used ones like this https://amzn.eu/d/9kwDMIk
[pocmloc, Oct 06 2022]


       I feel like this will make it even easier to knock cyclists off balance [+]
mylodon, Oct 06 2022

       I came into this hungry for pasta, and that's not what I got. Tempted to leave a bone for such malicious deception... Seriously though, why not just use one of those reflective poles people stick at the edge of their driveways in winter to keep plow drivers from berming them in?
21 Quest, Oct 06 2022

       Given the acceptance in America that everyone has to be armed to the teeth and is encouraged to walk around carrying assault rifles, could the noodle take the form of a long barrelled weapon with a large brightly coloured, highly visible silencer on the end? In this case the silencer becomes the deflecting noodle.
xenzag, Oct 06 2022

       //...could the noodle take the form of a long barrelled weapon ...//   

       Increases the risk of death by law enforcement.
What it really needs is a carefully designed and optimised key-holder - for one key - on the end. I believe this would increase the deterrence effect significantly.
Loris, Oct 06 2022

       Haha - that's true in most places, but in America the police don't shoot those running around with those weapons as this is just about everyone, so you're totally safe.
xenzag, Oct 06 2022

       // why not just use one of those reflective poles people stick at the edge of their driveways //   

       I know people have tried that. Pool noodles gained popularity for a few reasons: better visibility, being softer and more flexible, less likely to scratch anything they scarped against.
a1, Oct 06 2022

       // hungry for pasta, and that's not what I got //   

       Sorry, creative pasta is [xenzag]’s department.
a1, Oct 06 2022

       I like the link: Flag? https://www.amazon... flag pole [mylodon, flag, Oct 06 2022]   

       A lot of flags.
pashute, Sep 11 2023


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