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Aerosol can thermometer/hygrometer

Warning: too cold or too humid to use this product
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Produce aerosol paint cans with those colour changing temperature and humidity gauges on the side, thereby preventing paint 'bloom' and other nasty atmospheric induced results.
Spooky, Oct 28 2002

holographic paint effect known as bloom... http://www.tradepar...qx/productsshow.htm
don't look at me like that... [po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       Like he said...more common effects are paint drying with a diferent finish (matt instead of gloss or satin), drying to a completely different colour (usually much lighter), or drying with cloudy blotches of colour. Not a hugely exciting idea, but useful (IM humble O).
Spooky, Oct 29 2002

       Good notion [+].
General Washington, Oct 29 2002


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