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Aesthetic Sprinkler Heads

You know.... for gardens.
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I have a sprinkler system in my garden. Underground aqueducts (piping) festoon the nether regions of my flower beds. Interupted by the occasional, and necessary, elevated appearance of a many headed Hydra that waters the plants. The bad design of this misting head, jet spray head, whatsoever you may want to call it, looks like a mixture of Alien vs Predator.

I propose a clip-on, or even a suitably manufactured part, that would serve my daughters' Fairy garden in the North west part, and my affiliation with "the big five" in my parts of the garden. The joy of seeing my plants nourished from the geyser of a (suitable scaled) Elephant's trunk, and my daugthers' delight that their flowers are nourished by the wand of a fairy, may come at any price.

Parts soiled seperately, may contain nuts.

4whom, May 27 2009


danman, Jul 07 2009

       [+] but I'm having deja posting.
FlyingToaster, Jul 07 2009

       Set up a war between military sprinklers.   

       Perhaps allow your army to occasionally squirt a political leader.
danman, Jul 07 2009

       the problem with any ornament is the lawn mower going over it. These will have to sink level with the dirt or be sufficiently tall to be clearly visible. (+)
dentworth, Jul 07 2009

       I think that it would be a lot more dramatic to have your grandmothers tea party interrupted by vicious guerilla soldiers than some mundane pipes. Consider it sold.
danman, Jul 08 2009

       Well they would be interchangable for special events...
4whom, Jul 08 2009

       You could do this. It would be fun. Replace the self elevating sprinkler head with a length of PVC pipe such that it remained elevated above garden. Paint pipe festively, wrap with ribbon etc. Affix a small ladder to allow morning glories to climb it. Atop pipe place sprinkler head salvaged from old apparatus. Purchase rubber dinosaurs, fairy bath toy or comparable critters. Cut hole and place down over sprinkler head. Orient dinosaur so water sprays from mouth. It is good!
bungston, Jul 08 2009


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