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Pruning Copper Faces

Seal tree wounds with character.
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This is a product and service whereby once you have pruned some big branches off your favorite family tree, you take some rubbing of the cut down to your local copper face pruning sealer.

Using the rubbing as a guide they fashion a copper face with your favorite emotion, that fits perfectly with the wound. For extra close fitting, they can visit your house and take a plaster mold.

Take this home and nail it into the trees open wound, sealing it from boring insects and rain.

Over time the edges will be grown over by bark and the face itself will go green.

This is a healthy way to add character to trees.

mylodon, Jan 31 2018


       // sealing it from boring insects //   

       Does it keep out exciting insects, too ?
8th of 7, Jan 31 2018

       It stops exiting or entering insects.   

       I have a large tree where the core of each exposed prune is a chewed out hole that goes straight to the heart. In some holes, colonies of pillbugs live. I can dollop bitumen over them. But it is not very stylin'.
mylodon, Jan 31 2018

       Obviously [+].
pertinax, Jan 31 2018

       actual silver or actual gold could go well with this also
beanangel, Jan 31 2018

       Not gold, it isn't a biocide. It does show good corrosion resistance, but poor resistance to being stolen off the tree by anyone who wants some free gold.   

       Silver does have biocidal properties.
8th of 7, Jan 31 2018

       I suppose, if you were downwind of an old unscrubbed power station, you might find yourself unintentionally making herbicidal copper sulphate to the detriment of your favourite tree. Would a hug help with that?
pertinax, Jan 31 2018

       Copper sulphate is a constituent of a common anti-fungal mixture, named after a hideous mildewy french town where it's used (mostly unsuccessfully) in vast quantities to stop the place rotting away.
8th of 7, Feb 01 2018

       //...pruned some big branches off your favorite family tree...//   

Loris, Feb 01 2018

       The market for copper isn’t exactly dead, either, judging by the scrappers who rip wires out of walls to get at it.
RayfordSteele, Feb 01 2018

       //The market for copper isn’t exactly dead   

       Hmm, teach termites to cling on to their side of the copper, it would help if there were lots of teeny handles on the inward side.   

       Or just use bungee cord.   

       NB gold has it's own E number, E175. Not a lot of people know that.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 01 2018

       Yeah, I'm afraid the scrap pirates will get your work if it's accessible.   

       Any way you could sculpt the cut surface with a CNC tool running a face program and paint it with a copper based substance? Maybe relatives could volunteer a photo for the program derivation.
normzone, Feb 01 2018


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