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Pykrete Snowman Kit

Frosty, come back!
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Kit contains:
1) plastic snowman mold with integral tubing
2) 1 packet of sawdust
3) 30 feet of insulated flexible plastic tubing
4) 1 radiator coil assembly 5) 6 tube clamps
6) 1 coolant pump and reservoir

You will need:
1) Your home refrigerator
2) Several litres of coolant fluid such as vodka
3) Cold water
4) 1 bucket or garden hose
5) 1 pair of scissors

Place the snowman mold near the location that you will want to display your pykrete snowman. Place the radiator assembly in the freezer portion of your refrigerator. Using scissors and tube clamps connect the radiator and pump to the hose nipples on the snowman mold. Fill the coolant hose at the reservoir with a fluid that will remain in liquid form at below the freezing point of water. Fill snowman mold with water. Turn on pump, and wait for your Pykrete Snowman to freeze.

Tips and Hints:
Initial freezing is best achieved with the snowman mold outside during winter. Do not drink the vodka coolant until after your pykrete snowman is frozen. While pykrete snowmen may be used as a flotation device, they are not specifically approved for such use. Additional sawdust packets may be ordered from the Pykrete Snowman Company.

Your pykrete snowman does not contain any actual snow. If pykrete snowman is ingested or contacts your eyes, flush with warm water. Keep out of the reach of Germans or small pets.

<later1> Automatic Snowball Throwing Robotic Pykrete Snowman Kits coming soon. </later1>

Laughs Last, Feb 14 2004

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       Uh, is it flammable? Or heavy? Will it melt come Spring?
k_sra, Feb 18 2004

       //Frosty, come back!//   

       Laughing .. too ... hard - just take the bun - hehehe
Letsbuildafort, Feb 18 2004

       Two snowmen standing in a field. One turns to the other and says - "Can you smell carrots?"
lostdog, Feb 18 2004

       "Keep out of the reach of Germans or small pets."   

       Here's a bun just for that. [+]
Alx_xlA, Nov 21 2010

       Pykrete: the thinking halfbaker's custard. [+]
mouseposture, Nov 21 2010

       WARNING: Do not use a Pykrete object for target practice with a handgun.   

8th of 7, Nov 21 2010


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