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Lawn Hinge

To run extension cords to the middle of the lawn undetected
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Every year, usually around christmas time, I see people putting out gawdy lawn ornaments that need lighting. These lights, needing electricitiy, have brightly colored extension cords attached to them running back to the main house. Now, every person that drives by the house can see said extension cord snaking around tufts of grass that refused to die after the appropriate cutting season was over and knotted between some dead branches that had been left for that 'fall seasonal' touch.

Now what is needed in these cases is a Lawn Hinge. What is a Lawn Hinge you may ask? Well, it's a lidded furrow thats been dug in the lawn. This lid is set with a hinge so that it can easily be moved and an extension cord can be introduced into the gully. The mouth of the Lawn Hinge is at next to the electrical outlet while the other end is directed near the center of the yard.

Ok, you say, whats so unique and inventive about this. Well, the lid is actually sunken in the ground and broken into segments (for easier lifting) with each segment having a lip that is about an inch and a half to two inches deep. This is for the dirt. There is dirt on top of this so that it can grow grass. Thats right! This makes your cords virtually invisible!

Now, when you need to run an extension cord to your inflatable pumpkin/reindeer/turkey/heart/clover leaf/whatever; all you have to do is plug it in the outlet and run it through the Lawn Hinge. All through the Spring, Summer, and begining of Autumn you can cut your grass with no problems. If ever there is a worry about weathering of the cord you can just pull it back up and check/replace. Whenever an approprite holiday comes along you can be the envy of the neighborhood without ever showing the manacle of modernity known as the neon-orange extension cord of power.

barnzenen, Nov 07 2003

Sounds like maybe you need a Walker Duct in your yard. http://www.wiremold...36&sub_system_id=14
[half, Oct 04 2004]


       Couldn't you just build a raceway from larger diameter PVC and have one end near your house and one located in a box that is flush with the lawn? When you wanted power, you could feed the extension through, or just leave it after the season is over.
Klaatu, Nov 07 2003

       Feed it thorugh? You mean like sitting at one end and push it though to the other end? Have you ever tried that? Thats like pushing spaghetti across your plate by only holding one end of it. The cord would bunch up and curl around it self in the middle of the pipe. My way you could make sure it's laid in a straight line and you wouldn't have to buy a 100 foot cord to go 25 feet.
barnzenen, Nov 08 2003

       Direct burial electrical cable is commonly available. But, do you want an outlet permanently installed in the middle of your yard. If so, I can come over and help some weekend.   

       How about a Chia cord?   

       And if this needs to go through a part of my landscaping that is rock instead of grass, it would be called a Stone Hinge?
half, Nov 08 2003

       As far as getting cords through a raceway is concerned, a local company has trained a rat to carry a string through raceways. They take the rat out on all jobs and have saved considerable time and money for themselves and their customers.
Klaatu, Nov 08 2003

       Link please Mr. Klaatu...
barnzenen, Nov 10 2003


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