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Afterburner to combat turbo lag

Fuel injected header to spool up turbo instantly
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When you hit the gas at low boost pressure the engine runs slighty lean. then fuel is injected into the header igniting on the extra oxygen. And the power is entirely harnessed by the turbine which is right there. I don't actually think it would work just an idea i had a long time ago.
davidcreede, Jul 20 2003


       It's a good idea, and it's called anit-lag. I believe the idea was developed (first used in racing anyway) by Audi in the early 80's to win the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Currently it is almost universally used in open-class and Group N rally cars in the states and all the WRC cars in Europe (the poping noise you hear every half second once the throttle is off).   

       Modern engines like the 1.8 turbo from Audi can be reprogrammed by "tuners" to recreate the anti-lag without an additional injector. They can retard the the spark untill the ehaust vavles are opening to flame the turbo on the first few comressional of acceleration. Cool stuff.
tfoust, Jul 25 2003

       Stupid Idea iain.adam@dpi.wa.gov.au
Iain3, Aug 06 2003

       good idea, but as mentioned it's been done before.
rodti, Aug 06 2003

       Here is my idea to add. Instead of the blow off valve venting to the atmosphere you have it vent through a little carbarator or some fuel injector then to the exhaust this would keep the turbo spooled like a jet engine all the time.
LexusTech, Sep 07 2003

       I dont think a constantly spooled turbo will be a good idea. when throttle is suddenly opened, there will be a sudden load, which will cause the turbo to oscillate, which is not good for your bearings and may cause damage to the wheels. jet engines never change gears so they can always be fully "spooled". Fuel being injected into exaust manifold is also used by tractors that are in those pulling contests. They are pretty impressive.
K2e2vin, Oct 13 2003

       I like lexusTech's idea, and believe a combustion chamber in the exhaust similar to a hobbiest sized turbine engine's combustion chamber would provide turbo boost faster than an auto tranny could shift, bringing us to K2e2vin' input, where that might be too much boost technology for todays cheaper drivetrains. A relitavely simple computer could network the TPS to the cylinder injectors to the exhaust combustion chamber injector to a boost sensor to the tranny, for an ultimate setup.
REL, Nov 22 2003

       This would work, but you would burn up your turbine and exhaust system very quickly with all that extra heat and pressure. This is why WRC and tractor pull engines don't last too long.
discontinuuity, Aug 03 2005

       The Volvo-spec'd Mitsubishi TD04-13C turbocharger that I've adapted to my Mazda Miata has a recirculating bypass valve built right into the compressor housing; it just works to recombine the excess compressed air in the compressor snail housing. It works quite well at reducing lag between shifts, although it can't spool up the turbo, as it's a passive device.
bripab007, Sep 30 2005


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