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Store some compressed air to counteract the effects of turbo-lag.
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Rather than have (expensive) electric motors attempt to counteract turbo-lag, store some compressed gas from a small compressor. When the driver stomps on the pedal and the turbo's speed is too low, then the computer can open a valve on the air tank that will flood the exhaust manifold before the turbo with a high pressure gas (not necessarily air, could be exhaust). The increased pressure should give the turbo a jump-start. A small pump that is run only when the tank pressure is low would be used to supply the tank's air. Not much air would be needed, maybe a one cubic foot tank at 200 psi or something would be sufficient for a few accelerations without running the pump.
sjruckle, Jun 10 2004

pre-compressed-air supercharger http://www.halfbake...-air_20supercharger
[phoenix, Oct 17 2004]

Volvo elminates turbo lag with compressed air tank https://duckduckgo....g+compressed&ia=web
[Sunstone, Jul 30 2020]


       Feasable. Another good "turbo lag" solution.
5th Earth, Jun 11 2004

       Instead of flooding the exhaust manifold to increase turbo speed, why not put the compressed air directly into the intake system and do the turbo's job for it? (Obviously cannot be exhaust gasses when configured this way.)
Apache, Jun 11 2004

       Dumping the air into the intake would be a very short-lifed solution. You could instead put a smaller turbine on the end of the turbo, and dump the air onto that. I thought about the back-pressure after I submitted it..
sjruckle, Jun 12 2004

       Why not use a variable cam turbine? so you can have higher turbo revs at low exhaust pressure and decrease its size when pressure is enough in intake... you can stretch and shrink both lobs of the turbine whether is necessary...
tiagofortunato, Jun 15 2004

       Because that's already been posted, tiagofortunato.
5th Earth, Jun 15 2004

       Ok seeing as my idea got deleted for being similar to this one, I though I better put the key difference here...   

       What if you put the fitting for the compressed gas in the turbine housing, directed at the wheel. The higher velocity of the gas would put more force onto the wheel than having it expand before the turbo.   

       Kind of like a water blaster on dirty concrete. You use less water than a garden hose because each drop of water strips away more grime when it hits it at high speed.
BLSTIC, Jun 06 2008


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