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electric turbo design

New and working design for high pressure electric turbo
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It seems very difficult to contact manufacturers of turbochargers nowadays.I have designed and tested a new electric turbocharger which works great from the low-end to the high-end.It is completely turbo-lag free and the operating pressure can be preset directly from the driver`s place.I have contacted lot of car manufacturers and car magazines but received no feedback.Could anyone plaese help, I would like to further develop my idea into a commercial package.I built it as an individual and managed to get it working without the astronomical budgets of big manufacturers, I think that with a little help this product could finally be a technological breakthrough after having heard of so many "innovations" which did not make it to the market place.

S.Pacifique Victoria,Australia.

spacifique1, Jul 04 2004


       1) You've duplicated your own idea. You need to remove one of these.   

       2) This site is for posting ideas that do not yet exist. It's not a place to announce something you've built and request help with marketing. With that in mind, you might want to remove the other as well.
waugsqueke, Jul 04 2004

       Although I agree with [waugs] Check out the link on your other idea. Some ideas on there have come up fairly quickly as a direct result of appearing on this show.
reap, Jul 04 2004

       need to get a pattent and then go to manufacturers and magazines cause all they needed to do is say no after you have explained it to them and they can get a pattent and sell it themselves without payin you shit.
#1gknus, Jan 01 2008


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