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Motorized Turbo

Turbos have no boost at low RPM, DC Motoros have high torque at low RPM - hmmmmm
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A turbo is more efficient than a superchager, and it even quiets the exhaust. But how to cure the turbo lag?

There are electric super chargers (real ones) http://www.boosthead.com/home.php , that require extra batteries to provide the horspower. Their PSI to RPM curve is almost the opposite of a turbo (and it draws 1250 amps!).

So, why not use motor to spool the turbo, along with the exhaust. You will need a motor big enough for 5 pounds of boost to where the turbo normal kicks in (~300 amps).

It will be lighter, and safer, than compressed air or nitrous.

A simple computer could determine when to activate the motor to reduce spool up time, or to use it full time to augment the exhaust when serious accelleration is required (desired).

The major negatives are the drag of the field magnets when the motor is off (use just enough power to keep the motor "neutral"), the motor must either operate at 100,000 rpm or use gears, and the motor is going to get a lot of use, so brushless (transistor commutation) is a must.

A sideways positive is the extra rotating mass will keep the turbo spooled up during shifts (with the blow off valve bleating until the throttle plate opens)

This will become easier when cars move to a 42V bus (smaller wire for 86 amps).

Does anyone know of a method of freewheeling the turbo when the motor is running slower or stopped?

What am I missing?

Enjoy, Steve

Stephen92082, Apr 16 2005

Boost Head http://www.boosthead.com/home.php
Steve's link, as a link. [reensure, Apr 16 2005]

"The 42-Volt Challenge" http://www.assembly...,6490,98697,00.html
[half, Apr 16 2005]

If you're really in to puzzles http://www.puzzledonkey.com/default.php
Very cryptic. Don't blame me for the time you spend there. [half, Apr 18 2005]


       At low speeds, what turbo do you need? The moment you accelerate the turbo kicks in anyway?
zeno, Apr 16 2005

       Welcome to the HB.   

       What you're missing is that this idea has been posted here before. While admittedly your version is a bit clearer and somewhat better thought out, it's worth noting that duplicate entries are generally frowned upon.   

       A suggestion: Instead of dragging the motor around when it's not in use, just put a clutch between it and the turbine. When the motor isn't used, open the clutch, and no more drag.
5th Earth, Apr 16 2005

       I must have missed that memo. When exactly were cars going to change to a 42 volt buss?
Cedar Park, Apr 16 2005

       There has been a bit of talk about 42 volt systems in the past few years. The linked article from three years ago covers the concept pretty well. Largely, it has to do with delivering more power with smaller wires (lighter, less bulky).   

       (Can you spot the rather odd typo in the article? Took me a couple of readings of the typo to figure out where it might have come from. Hint: it appears two Times.)
half, Apr 16 2005

       Hah! Nice puzzle and great hint. Where did it come from or what does it mean? I can't find a definition in that context and am unfamiliar with a term that sounds like that.
contracts, Apr 16 2005

       Sorry about the duplication.   

       I should have spent several weeks reading this site - tons of good ideas, and an order of magnitude more iffy ones.   

Stephen92082, Apr 16 2005

       "where it might have come from. Hint: it appears two Times."   

       Hint: there's another hint within the hint.
half, Apr 16 2005

       See lots of typos there, none particularly odd. I have no idea what your hint is about.   

       Are you talking about a typo in the idea, or in the linked article? That isn't clear.
waugsqueke, Apr 16 2005

       Nice puzzle indeed. It never registered when I first read it, and took scanning it a few more times before I caught it.   

       My guess is a bug in an automated conversion routine for a look&feel update, or a bug in the publishing template. (That site uses Vignette Story Server, a 'content + template script = display' CMS.)
SpookyFish, Apr 16 2005

       It's in [half]'s linked article. It hit me right between the eyes the first time I read it.
david_scothern, Apr 18 2005

       Now if it had said Trebuchet, that would've nailed it instantly as half-baked.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 18 2005


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