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Aging anything...really

watch as anything grows older
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I used to visit Spain every year as a child...the eastcoast specifically and it was great....loved it.

I'm back here now, after 7 years, and I cant help but notice how things have changed sooooo much around here. Everything seems to have aged as I have, and its all rather strange really.

A few days ago I posted a idea of mine (linked) which I believe could be applied to anything really. A beach, a mountain, a building, a monument, or even a village...anything really.

I think city souveneir shops should stock a flipbook of their local attrations though time....photographs of their regional celebrities over time compiled into a flipbook like the one mentioned in my last post.

If the attraction is something like the Eiffel tower (por exemplo) then perhaps pictures capturing its surroudings would instead illustrate how the monument has remained unchanged, but how rather its surrounding have evolved over time.

hope this all makes sense...

shinobi, Jun 16 2005

last post Aging_20flipbook
ageing flipbook [shinobi, Jun 16 2005]

100 years in 2 hours 100_20years_20in_202_20hours
by MickZ. Similar, though web- and cinema-based rather than paper-based. [calum, Jun 16 2005]


       The camera positions would need to be similar. But I like it. +
Ling, Jun 16 2005


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