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Aging flipbook

watch as you grow older
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This is an idea I would have loved to have come up with earlier in my life, or one I wish my parents came up with while I was being discussed.

Every year (presumably on your birthday) a photograph be taken of you (face or full body-shot) with roughly the same pose. As the years go by this can be compiled into a flip book, so in years to come you can just flip through and view a moving illustrartion of yourself ageing through time in the most accurate and simple way. This could perhaps be done every 6 months instead to get a more gradual effect.

I think this would be pretty cool...no?

however this would essentially take a whole lifetime to complete...not your average book!

shinobi, Jun 14 2005

Cheap Shot Recreation Cheap_20Shot_20Recreation
A useful tool, courtesy of [half]. [Shz, Jun 16 2005]

I thought I'd seen this idea before but it was just really close. Time-lapse_20human_20growth_20project
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 16 2005]


       I once saw a website like this, with photos of an artist and his family, taken over 30 years. It wasn't flip-bookish but could be easily adapted. I'll see if I can find it.
waugsqueke, Jun 14 2005

       You could possibly work something out with your school yearbook pics, if you were determined. And had them.
Soterios, Jun 15 2005

       I think there's another idea like this somewhere around here, because I remember saying I liked it so much.
finrod, Jun 15 2005

       It sounds like something [SdG] would think of, but I can't find it either. Good idea, until you get to, oh say my age, and look back at yourself as a fit, attractive ... second thoughts, no, I never was one of those.
angel, Jun 15 2005

       its not a thing for you to use as a means for regret of what you've become, but rather as how you've gotten there...afterall age is a gift not a curse...
shinobi, Jun 16 2005

       //...afterall age is a gift not a curse...//   

       I'll try to remember that when I have arthritis, a colostomy bag, can't see too well, and can't walk properly.   

       On another track, I was flicking through several hundred employee photos, using ACDSee (which can flick through them pretty fast). The photos were all done with one set up, so the eye positions were similar.
It was amazing to see the different head shapes and arrangements.

       If you consider using each photo as a frame in a video, then a 30 second video of your body would need say 600 photos. Maybe one per month.
Ling, Jun 16 2005

       Reminds me of [half]’s camera feature, which would be perfect for creating this book. <link>
Shz, Jun 16 2005

       Can I have one done every couple of months? I don't intend to live that long...
Detly, Jun 16 2005


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