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Book of the Secreted Image

book that converts to a static image
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A normal page of text in a book can not only be read, but also viewed, as the patterns of the words, and line breaks can form abstract images. For example if the white lines that run down the pages become distracting to the reader they are referred to in typographical terms as "rivers".

The idea of the Book of The Secreted Image is to take advantage of the subtle possibilities afforded by the capacity of the printed word to be viewed as both language and image simultaneously.

This won't be obvious to the reader on an individual page basis but any book printed in this way will contain within its pages a secreted image, that can only be viewed if the book is dismantled and the pages arranged together according a very specific order, like tiles on a wall.

When the assembled pages are observed from a distance, the subtle changes in weight of type, character and line spacing, become apparent. Previously undetectedable on each individual page, they combine, like a half-tone, to merge into that of a recognisable image.

Each Book printed in this way could be totally unique, given the capacity of modern digital presses. One picture is then in reality worth a hundred thousand words.

xenzag, Nov 21 2006

justification, widows, orphans and rivers http://www.itcfonts...1/JustifiedType.htm
some info on what to avoid visually doing with the printed word [xenzag, Nov 21 2006, last modified Nov 23 2006]

Lines_20between_20the_20reading_2e [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 22 2006]

Perl Camel http://perl.about.com/b/a/257492.htm
[webfishrune, Nov 22 2006]

River_20control Related idea, but to get rid of 'rivers' rather than make pictures out of them [hippo, Nov 22 2006]


       Now try it!
Texticle, Nov 21 2006

       Similar. [link]   

       Great idea. +
pydor, Nov 22 2006

       Oop, you already know that.   

       + hey, there's Elvis on page three...
xandram, Nov 22 2006

       I was under the impression that this was a book that secreted substances.   

       Although it was a pleasent surprise upon reading that this was not a liquid spewing book but an artistic one, I was quite relieved. It is a good idea, and I am deeply annoyed as to the fact that I didn't think it up first. But, a book that could secrete would be quite interesting ...
Raithah, Nov 23 2006

       Raithah - I made a piece of work in the form of a set leaking books last year. May post image on my own puny site some time if I can be bothered.
xenzag, Nov 23 2006

       It be great for brainwashing people. You could have a picture of the dark lord hidden amongs the pages
Heavy_Phat, Nov 23 2006

       <pun alert> So, a book with many rivers would be...   

       An international best sailing book?
A watered down version of the real thing?
Exstreamly good?
A Rivuletting read?
Ling, Nov 23 2006


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