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Air Mouse

Camera mouse for touch screen device
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On the iPad, every time you use your finger and hand to touch a button you are occluding part of the screen. If you made a really simple 2d version of the Kinect you could operate a camera mouse on the iPad screen with minimal occlusion.
JesusHChrist, Aug 26 2012

You mean like this? http://leapmotion.com/
[MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 26 2012]

Touch UI Back Touch Adds Second Touchpad to iPhone http://technabob.co...iphone-touchscreen/
[CraigD, Aug 27 2012]


       Is that like Air Guitar?
sqeaketh the wheel, Aug 26 2012


       Another approach, which I found ingenious when it appeared several years ago on iPods, put the touchscreen on the back of the device (the opposite side from the screen). The advantage of such a scheme over this idea’s “watch my finger cam” approach is that it’s better suited to one-handed use, as when you’re picking up stuff with one hand while checking it off a list with another (eg: grocery shopping)   

       Though I recall the backpad touchscreen was on only a shortlived iPad version, you can get “back touch” case add-ons for iPhone 4s – see [link].
CraigD, Aug 27 2012


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