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minnie mouse

remote controlled mouse
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I am beginning to get the first signs of RSI, aching wrist. Tried using the mouse with my left hand and I will persevere while I work on this idea. A remote control like the one for the TV with button for up, down, left, right, left click, right click, delete UnaBubba ( sorry don't know who typed that. denies all knowledge). etc.
po, Jan 17 2002

Baked. http://www.laserex....ucts/remotecontrol/
These things are a major pain to use. I hate 'em. (Generally used for presentations) [waugsqueke, Jan 17 2002]


       The remote could click onto an allotted spot on the keyboard when one is through using it.
jimithing, Jan 17 2002

       there is nothing gross about me whatsoever Peter, but I appreciate your help.
po, Jan 17 2002

       Or learn ALL the keyboard shortcuts (as I pretty much did when I got RSI in my wrist). Takes away most of the strain.   

       And I don't know po, you are bright red and you do have a TV in your stomach.
mcscotland, Jan 17 2002

po, Jan 17 2002

       PS: I usually peak my thumb and little finger slightly on the sides of the mouse. This allows me to still use my fingers and wrist for fine motor control. Depending on the mouse sensitivity setting, I usually don't need to use my elbow at all.
nick_n_uit, Jan 17 2002

       po - baked, as indicated. But I like your name for it better.
quarterbaker, Jan 17 2002

       words of one syllable please nick - trouble understanding the instructions. I am not USING MY ELBOW at all, its all in the wrist action.
po, Jan 17 2002

       I'm so tuned to my scrollball now I wouldn't consider going back to a sweep-and-click mouse. However, a galvanic charge applied to the fingertips might make mousing a pleasure; occasionally, I receive the numbing of my fingertips as a reminder that I've spent the last five hours scrolling through images. A 'mined' mouse (bow to the recent spate of misspellings at HB), or, a mouseball with knobby spikes, would be a physical configuration for a stimulating finger pad that would rely less on electrogalvanic discharge and more on the fingertips' need to be stimulated that they may do their work.
reensure, Jan 17 2002

       Touch screens give you 'gorilla arm' after a while...   

       I have very large hands, so it's not a problem for me to rest my wrist on the rest <heh> and using only my fingers and wrist move the mouse over the whole screen...   

       Try changing your mouse speed as well...
StarChaser, Jan 17 2002

       easy for you to say star........
po, Jan 17 2002

       Top speed is useless. Your heartbeat can make it move back and forth across the screen by just resting your hand on it.
StarChaser, Jan 17 2002

       ok will try that - hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmph / cardiac arrest!
po, Jan 17 2002

       I'm not sure what you mean by RDI. If you mean wrist pain, I asked my doctor what to do and she told me to buy a wrist brace in the drug store. It has a metal reinforcing piece that conforms to the shape of your wrist and palm and keeps your wrist stable. It does help, when I use it. It cost about $20.
TeaTotal, Jan 17 2002


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