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Wii mouse

Use motion capture video game platform as controller
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Wii and games like it can capture motion. But Wii games rarely involve violence and some people want that in a game. I propose that the Wii platform (or similar - Kinect?) simply produce output like that of a game controller. The entire console would be used as the controller for a second video game platform. This would enable some of the fun body motion stuff possible with the capture cameras, joined to edgy games available for more conventional platforms.
bungston, Feb 20 2015

Hacking the Nintendo Wii Remote https://www.cs.cmu..../PAPERS/lee2008.pdf
[spidermother, Feb 20 2015]

GlovePIE http://glovepie.org/
Lets you use almost any input device to emulate keyboard / mouse / joysticks etc [mitxela, Feb 21 2015]


       The Wii *controllers* can easily be used as controllers for other platforms; they use bluetooth and HID standards.   

       I don't know about using the //entire console//; what would be the advantage of that? I think the smarts are all in the controllers themselves.
spidermother, Feb 20 2015

       Look it's spideymother. Wow...it has been awhile.
blissmiss, Feb 20 2015

       [Bigs] I thought you said an air-rifle keyboard.
pocmloc, Feb 21 2015

       My ignorance is showing. Maybe the Wii is accelerometer controllers and Kinect is motion capture?
bungston, Feb 21 2015


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