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Cheese Powered Mouse

Hydrogen Producing Bacteria Cultured Fuel Cell Mouse
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Bacchus help me. The pop open chamber on the mouse allows for cheese to be added to the mouse in order to feed the culture of hydrogen producing bacteria.

The produced hydrogen is continually removed to increase hydrogen production by running through a mini-fuel cell and charging a rechargeable battery.

I'm afraid the prototype version of this mouse would be frisbee sized, though.

Zimmy, Aug 09 2005

Hydrogen producing bacteria http://www.energyco...bioproductionH2.htm
It says they like starch. My first Idea was cheese, so I changed it back. (Inspired by Vernon's solar powered mouse). [Zimmy, Aug 09 2005]


       sorry, Vernon. I couldn't help myself.
Zimmy, Aug 09 2005

       No offense taken, [Zimmy]. This IS the place for half-baked ideas, after all. :)
Vernon, Aug 09 2005

       Gee. Capitol One baked my idea in a commecial.   

       I should mention   

       I HATE CAPITOL ONE. those greasy scum.   

       Call me again on the phone sometime, so I can scream at you again to remind you how you are effing theives.
Zimmy, Nov 25 2009

       Bunned on the title alone!
Jscotty, Nov 25 2009


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