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You've got a sofa. You've got a mouse. Consolidate.
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SofaMouse is the wireless mouse that lives on your sofa. With a flexible arched back designed to fit most arms and backs of sofas (think a limp stingray), on one side is the rollerball/trackpad, and on the other, a few buttons. You can now control your pc whilst continuing to position yourself as in the link. By the way, I'm not a woman, although if she trimmed her hair she could pass for me in a dimly lit room.
jtp, May 09 2008

Recommended posture http://www.judgmentofparis.com/BS_R6.jpg
[jtp, May 09 2008]

Door Mouse http://en.wikipedia...t_the_Dormouse_Said
[normzone, May 12 2008]

Eek! A Mouse! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eek-A-Mouse
Doll nudity disturbing? [normzone, May 12 2008]


       I thought this would be a sofa on coasters that one moves around in order to position a cursor. (Guess that's what I get for spending last weekend watching people in cupcakes roll by.)
jutta, May 09 2008

       I like it. I'd prefer that the sofa have multiple trackballs/buttons scattered across it to allow for any desired lounging position.   

       Also, I find the doll nudity in the link mildly disturbing.
sninctown, May 09 2008

       //mildly disturbing doll nudity//   

       I didn't intend to lower the tone, but when I googled "man reclining on sofa" this was surprisingly near the top, and the posture was just right. And I've never seen a Barbie XL - I think it would be nice to see a return to the style of Reubens for childrens toy manufacturers. What's more, I think we're ready (in the UK at least).
jtp, May 10 2008

       I don't find the doll disturbing, but I do find the site disturbing in its preoccupation with a single ideal of beauty.
jutta, May 10 2008

       [jutta], if you could create a site that somehow promoted diverse ideals of beauty, then I, for one, would certainly visit it, but I can see the following practical problems arising with such as a site:
1. You would attract jaded people, interested not so much in new and different kinds of beauty as in novelty and difference as substitutes for beauty.
2. You would lose people genuinely interested in beauty who, once they had found an ideal they liked, would tend to pursue that ideal into a more specialised environment (maybe a different website).

       I suppose what that would leave you with would be a sort of bakery of beauty, in which, instead of inventions, people posted discoveries, saying 'I saw this , and here is why I found it beautiful'.   

       Categorisation and navigation would be a wonderful aesthetic/ intellectual challenge, and the whole place would become a sort of 'lost and found' office for objets trouvés. And there would probably be more flirting than here.
pertinax, May 10 2008

       Any kind of PC<->Laziness interface gets a bun by me.
Spacecoyote, May 11 2008

       I used my sofa as a giant mousetrap once. Hey that gives me an idea. Stay tuned.
bneal27, May 11 2008

       I don't understand this one littl bit, Sorry.
The Kat, May 12 2008


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