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Air Olympics

It's more than downhill from here on...
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Skydivers don't usually get much TV coverage unless they die, or have a celebrity doing it with them.(Not sure what's worse!)

So I propose...

The Air Olympics!

Basically it could be seperated into different events:

Race- Athletes would see who could get to the ground first. To emulate the 1500, 400m events on the ground, athletes could jump from various heights, say 10000ft or 30000ft.

Slalom- Smaller Planes would support rings to fly through with a target to hit on the ground.

Relay- Athletes have to fall to a headstarting team mate and pass on the baton.

Rings- Athletes have to collect the falling hoops. The one with the most at ground level wins.

Style- Points are awarded for the most stylish manouvers.

Javelin (!)- Athletes have to throw the javelin towards one target and land on another. (Discus as well)

Long Jump- The one who gets the furthest away from the start wins.

Chess-(thanks [thundug]!) In this instance 'checkmate' means getting splatted against the floor.

Triathalon-(thanks [yabba doo yabba dabba]!) Incorporates style, race and freefalling all in one!

Any more event ideas will be useful.

Yes i know it's extremely dangerous but so are the winter Olympics (Skeleton!!!)

Deadlock'd, Feb 26 2004


       Gets my bun.   

       How about chess? (It would have to be a pretty quick game, though!)
phundug, Feb 26 2004

       Fencing would be pretty cool.   

       Or get this: You start out with a parachute open (better be VERY confident in your backup). Then some archery, and then do away with the 1st 'chute and do some freefalling.
Then open your 2nd chute, just to slow yourself down abit (maybe some more archery if you have any arrows left).
Then do away with your 2nd 'chute @ 30m or so, and do a triple flip dive into the ocean.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 26 2004

       I know the "X Games" used to have skydiving events until someone DIED. Oh well, gets my bun. And may adventure R.I.P.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 26 2004

       //Race- Athletes would see who could get to the ground first.// Wouldn't want to win that one.
Worldgineer, Feb 26 2004

       I've heard of sports encouraging unhealthy behavior, but this one takes it!
Letsbuildafort, Feb 26 2004

       You've only heard about them, huh? ;)   

       There are some synchronized air routines I would like to watch every four years. Croissant-shaped parachute. +
k_sra, Feb 26 2004

       If the X-Games has dropped skydiving, you could just rename it the Kinda-X Games or maybe the Healthy-Teen-Sport Games.   

       I used to skydive a lot and fatalities are regretted, but to some extent accepted as risk that can never be totally removed.
FloridaManatee, Mar 09 2004


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