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Air cooler

Cools your air whilst playing sports
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One of the primary limits of human endurance is overheating whilst exercising. Heat stroke is a real thing, and overheating increases fatigue.

Therefore I suggest a device to cool air while playing sports and mucking about. the traditional method (water) is fine and dandy, but it's heavy to carry water... not to mention the whole wet thing. I suggest small dewers of cryogenically cooled gases stored in liquid form. Probably oxygen.

The oxygen could be bled off as it warms and injected into your mouth at a temeperature below freezing. It would be cool enough to help cool your core but not hurt your throat. There's also a benefit of giving athletes pure o2, but I think too much makes you dizzy.

Alternatively you could also use a vest, that has an inlet tube and many tiny holes. The super chilled gas would not only give the direct effect of cooling, but it would also aid in wicking away moisture as it would be dry.

A small 4-10 pound bottle/vest would be offset by the increase in performance on a hot day.

metarinka, Apr 24 2011


       "Dewar('s (flask/bottle))" ... [+]
FlyingToaster, Apr 24 2011

       Like NOS, for humans. Awesome. When we train on administering oxygen, I always volunteer to be the "patient in respiratory distress", because I love the O2. A 4 - 10 pound bottle would not last very long, and the performance gains would not be that much me-thinks, but still, I'd like one.   

       so.... [+]
MikeD, Apr 24 2011

       MikeD I did the math for you, 1 liter of liquid oxygen weighs 1.14 kg so assuming a rather light and modern dewar flask, it should meet the 10 pound weight limit. the expansion ratio of Lox is 1:861 so that one liter will get you 861 liters at standard temperature and pressure, since you're trying to cool air and your body and you don't want to administer it just above it's boiling temperature, you could probably build a small venturi effect mouth piece that would mix the cold LoX with ambient air in the right ratio to hit your mouth at ~ 0 deg C, same goes for the cooling vest.   

       Therefore those 861 liters of pure 02 would probably get you pretty far.   

       P.S: don't smoke around or puncture the canister near open flame...
metarinka, Apr 25 2011


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