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Air Raid Decor

Your room looks like bomb hit it!
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At first glance, most of the roof is missing. The bed is charred and covered in bricks. Light streams in from what seems to be bullet holes peppering the walls. An unexploded missile is wedged firmly into the floor next to the fish tank.

But let's look more closely. The roof is faux-palestine with a reflective UV proof glass cover that allows natural light but none of the harmful rays, rain or prying eyes. The bed is modelled on a unique toppled king size Iraq inner spring, with a hand crafted black velvet charring effect that compliments the soft brick and mortar pillows that decorate the bed head and surrounds. The machine gun natural light display can be custom drilled with your initals or company logo, which throws a wonderous muted light onto the heat seeking missile ice-box which is perfect for entertaining when unexploded friends drop by.

Soon to be installed in homes across the world.

benfrost, Oct 27 2004


       Superb [+]. Have you drawn this yet?
DocBrown, Oct 27 2004

FarmerJohn, Oct 27 2004


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