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Bounce house

Small house on a big spring.
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an efficiency apartment on a spring with a winch to compress the spring. Did you like jumping on the bed, exulted over the bounce house at the county fair, spent hours on the trampoline. Then sign up now for our new bounce house for adults. Using technology developed for seismic areas we are developing an apartment on a spring. Using a winch mounted on the foundation, the apartment can be pulled down to compress the spring. Then it can be freewheeled and the apartment left to bounce. With good design we have achieved a full five minutes of motion. Full discloser requires we admit we haven’t quite gotten the balance between a spring that is strong enough to keep the apartment from falling over on its side and not so strong that it brakes the apartment and slams the occupant against the ceiling. But if that is something you would enjoy, lets talk about one of the prototypes.
cjacks, Oct 11 2006

Here's what I thought this was Hip_20Hop_20Trailer
[theircompetitor, Oct 11 2006]


       Put four springs on the corners and you can have various modes of vibration.
neelandan, Oct 11 2006


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