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Boneyard Housing

An accentric trailer park
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Take an existing aircraft graveyard, add a little interior design, et voila, a wonderful home.

For the uber-rich, the plane could be maintained in flying order to facilitate future relocation, making it a sky yacht.

marklar, Sep 09 2007

Military Boneyard http://www.modern-r...com/ruins/boneyard/
I believe there are civilian ones too, full of 747s and the like. [marklar, Sep 09 2007]

sp: Eccentric http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/eccentric
unless of course you mean "crazy about accents" [k_sra, Sep 11 2007]


       They are doing this with old train cars. I believe it's in the White Mountains in New Hampshire, but can't find a link. I saw it on TV. I'll bun for inventive housing. +
xandram, Sep 09 2007

       [21] Pick a plane without landing gear, remove the fuel tanks and bypass all the existing wiring.   

       Problem solved.
croissantz, Sep 09 2007

       Just pump the fuel tanks full of something like polyisocyanate foam. As the foam fills up every last square centimetre of internal space in the tanks, any remaining fuel will be forced out, and into waiting receptacles. The foam will provide perfect insulation when it fully hardens.
xenzag, Sep 09 2007

       Some boneyards have mothballed aircraft. The one I linked had all the aircraft eventually dismantled and taken away for recycling, so the expensive and complicated tasks described by [21quest] were done (even removing big bolts). All I'm suggesting is that they leave the shell behind and possibly fill the undercarriage hydraulics with concrete.
marklar, Sep 11 2007

       "accentric" - designed by Accenture, maybe?
DrCurry, Sep 11 2007


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