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Air message In-o-Can

sky write in your own home
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A can of some kind of smoke or air light foam that you could use to write messages in the sky. "Happy Birthday Ron" "Yard sail" "Goldman Reaves Weadding"
vivaelryan, Apr 25 2002


       You mean, like, an aerosol can?
bristolz, Apr 25 2002

       Yeah, that would be fun. Like that string stuff only it hangs in the air. Instant aerogel filled with helium--or hydrogen, so that you can set a match to it and have a flaming message right in your own living room sky.
entremanure, Apr 25 2002

       Sounds cool to me. How would it compensate for differences in air pressure? Would somebody up a hill see their scribbles drop to the ground, while someone in florida sees them float off into the sky?
sadie, Apr 25 2002

       brilliant idea. maybe some kinda "widget" that burns or puffs up when top opened. Powder might also be an option. I think this ideas great and I think you should send it to Arnie Schwartzennegger (cant spell) or something. He would love that sort of thing in his futuristic films. And, it could be extended to being a big big can (like a flare) with a propeller on the end and either a remote control or preset directions for smoke "on" /"off" and movements. Then it could go higher and bigger.
isla, Apr 25 2002

       Doesn't seem possible to me.
waugsqueke, Apr 25 2002

       Yep. Just change your default font to script.
waugsqueke, Apr 25 2002

       At a novelty store, I recently saw bubbles that harden in air enough that you can pick them up. It seems a pretty small stretch of technology to blow a foam of these bubbles with helium and create the letters. Either you then attach a string to keep them from floating away, or the blowing device monitors air density and mixes a helium/air combination that gives neutral bouyancy.
spartanica, Apr 25 2002

       I like it. It would also be great for distress flares to be used in daylight- HELP in big red letters drifting up into the sky.
IvanIdea, Apr 25 2002

       reminds me of an evil looking toy which jumps-out-o-box
brawnchild, May 02 2002


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