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Airb'n'b in the trees
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Not everyone has a garden and not everyone who has a garden has a tree in their garden. At a time when social distancing is important re protection from virus transmission, there are few places more distant from other people than high in the branches of a tall tree.

There is also a need for people to spend time "in nature", away from their homes and other concrete enclosures. Camping is ok, but nothing beats being high up in a nice tree house, except they are few and far between in developed countries, which brings me to the idea of a new business called Airb'n'tree.

For a set fee, a small sustainable Airb'n'treehouse will be constructed in any tree that meets the required specification in the grounds of a private secure property. With any luck, numerous sites will be established globally and be every attractive to those wanting an affordable alternative holiday break, well away from most other people for the majority of their time.

Once in place, the new tree houses can be advertised on the Airb'n'tree website.

xenzag, Aug 06 2020


       Maybe take it one step back? Not for tree-houses, but just nice trees; for sitting under or climbing or harvesting (if they have fruit or similar...).
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 06 2020

       I want a warm bath. Where do I get a warm bath?
chronological, Aug 06 2020

       There's a fellow in California who engineered a halo system which clamps around the trunk of a tree allowing the tree to continue to grow, and eventually encorperate, the halo which anchors the cable system supporting both the roof and the floor of a tree 'yurt'.   

       I am looking at... hmmmm I estimate year four or so before I am ready to build the suspension bridge connecting the high-ground to the Ewok village of tree cabins I intend to build over and crossing the creek.
Propane fire-pits and fake tiki torches with in-ground hobbit cabins dotting the gardens beneath...

       <heavy sigh>
(you can almost hear the drums)

       Sorry but [blissmiss] has dibs on the first one. It gets a veranda.
You can have dibs on the second one if you come visit...
... but verandas are earned mister.

       Extra bun if the visitor can be awoken in the small hours of the morning by the discovery that the tree in which they are sleeping is actually an (animatronic) Ent, who is Not Impressed ...
8th of 7, Aug 07 2020

       .... especially with the hot tub.
pertinax, Aug 07 2020

       I am aware that tree houses currently exist. The difference here is that this is an idea to have many more built, like an international house building programme. They could have a range of environmentally friendly prefabricated components that may be modified to fit the majority of trees.
xenzag, Aug 08 2020

       I was going to withhold the bun because AirBNB seems to do this. Except they don't. Being corporate vanilla cheese, they have no way to compare and rate the better features of tree houses.
4and20, Aug 08 2020


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