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Beach Office Park

Attract great talent
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This is like your workplace, except it's a redone high rise condo at the beach. Extension cords stretch out to the umbrellas, where WiFi and laptops can be plugged in, and you can program, design, type your lawyerly documents, or whatever other job types that can be accomplished on the beach. You walk a hundred yards to go inside if it's get to hot, print something or get food. It costs a little more and the salt air is a little harsher on the equipment, but you've got better talent, culture, and less turnover because after all, they're not in an office.
leinypoo13, Nov 25 2009

Office Yacht http://www.hatteras...m/hatteras100my.htm
Personal version [csea, Nov 25 2009]


       Excellent. If it is successful, can you branch out? My own version would be converted small cruise ships with lots and lots of deck space, some covered and not, with charming promenades and comfortably scattered furnishings, to ply the med to large sized rivers and lakes near many major metropolitan areas.   

       Leaves the dock at 8:00AM and returns at 3:00PM. Breakfast and lunch avail. Practice space always available for small acoustic ensembles or other entertainments suitable for the atmosphere. A floating open office for the self employed.
outloud, Nov 25 2009

       Nice idea, but please don't do this to my already overdeveloped beach zones.
normzone, Nov 25 2009


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