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Being Blown by the Wind

Mobile Home Away from Home
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“Hello Harv? You can’t guess where I am now.”
“No, not the ‘The Wolf and Whistle’. I’m in a crowded elevator being whisked to the top of that new mobile hotel. You know the one with the high tower with rooms hanging from cables?”
“Nix, the building doesn’t move, though the rooms do. The word means, and I quote, ‘A type of sculpture consisting of carefully equilibrated parts that move, especially in response to air currents.’ You see there’s a giant beam at the top of the tower, with a thick cable at each end holding a beam, with a cable at each end and so on.”
“Hum lemesee, ’The 64 rooms and suites hang at the lowest level to randomly float over neighboring buildings, an ever-changing constellation moved by the wind or the mobile’s motors.’”
“Well, that’s what the brochure says! Evidently, beams can be rotated on their cables to move any cube to the tower so guests can enter and leave their rooms.”
“Yeah that’s what I thought too, high winds and rooms crashing into each other. It says it can withstand hurricane gusts, and the rooms are allowed to bump, but they only touch at the metal chime cylinder that circles each room’s roof.”
“Right, that’s the deep ‘DONG…BONG’ you heard. Wow, now we’re coming up through the glassed part of the tower. Excuse me Ma’am, gotta to get closer so I can tell Harv about those floating flats gliding among the clouds.”
“What, in the base of the tower? Yeah, they have some unusual water rooms, I’ll tell you about those tomorrow.”
FarmerJohn, Oct 11 2003


       Free Dramamine, I presume?
phoenix, Oct 11 2003

       "Rock-a-bye Baby, in the hotel top..."
FarmerJohn, Oct 11 2003

       this is one hell of an executive toy.
po, Nov 30 2003


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