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Airbag missile

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A year ago, at a party, one of my friends (who was dizzy after stepping off a motorized, rideable beaver) fell over, and was only saved from hitting her head on the concrete floor by another friend being in the right place to catch her.

To improve public safety, then, I propose the airbag missile. Airbag missiles are to be emplaced at various strategic locations around areas where the ground is hard and the probability of people falling is high.

The launcher can use a slingshot, a launch tube for use with the missile's rocket or with compressed air, or some other launch mechanism. When surveillance cameras (or nearby robots) detect a human falling over, they send a message and the interpreted image (i.e. an internal representation of what the neural net that detects the fall perceives) to the missile. The missile then uses this to match with what it sees, and continue to track the faller. (A simple image match wouldn't work because the perspectives would be different, so they need to match the perceived attributes of the faller such as location, height, and clothing.) When the missile reaches its target it deploys an airbag into the space between the faller and the patch of ground where they would otherwise fall.

Version 2 can also detect falls of valuable, fragile inanimate objects as well as impending impacts between humans and moving equipment. It also supports connecting with potential fallers' phones and wearable devices for more reliable fall detection.


notexactly, Oct 03 2016

Said beaver, taking the music to the people https://www.youtube...watch?v=RnaoY_QyS7s
[notexactly, Oct 03 2016]

Said beaver, without skin, with dizziness demonstration https://www.youtube...watch?v=h0cf959JmUY
[notexactly, Oct 03 2016]

A vision-based fall detection system that would be suitable if only it would detect falls before they happen https://hackaday.io...12427-fall-detector
[notexactly, Oct 03 2016]


       //dizzy after stepping off a motorized, rideable beaver// We've all been there.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 03 2016


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