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aircooled hammock

the hammock fabric is woven from tubes with air passages that emit cool air
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You have likely seen furniture made from aluminum plus vinyl tubing have this tubing carry plus emit cool air driven with PC type fans

You could also have this as a hammock

the hammock fabric is woven from tubes with air passages that emit cool air It may be that the tubes are velour like with a fuzzy surface

that way we keep from having slithy tobes

beanangel, Sep 14 2009

give the people cool pleasant air http://www.youtube....watch?v=BKB1kznbQwQ
[beanangel, Sep 14 2009]

Picture of Hammock http://swervechurch...2009/07/hammock.jpg
It already looks pretty aircooled to me. [MisterQED, Sep 14 2009]


       I hate it when my tobes are slithy.
phoenix, Sep 14 2009

       actually I am thinking developing worlders could make beneficial use of this   

       the video at the link suggests that people think much better when they are cool
beanangel, Sep 14 2009

       Or...you could place a "specially" made hammock woven out of something like "string" between two trees somewhere where there is a pleasant breeze. The gaps between the pieces of string would allow free airflow without the need for some annoying fan keeping you from sleeping.   

       Beany, PLEASE, have you ever seen a hammock?
MisterQED, Sep 14 2009

       I love gimbling in the wabe.   

       stripping off your clothes and popping a squat right out in the wind while you have a good sweat, possibly while licking yourself could provide more air cooling than a hammock. But not much.
WcW, Sep 14 2009

       please to attach a cooling unit to mine. [+]
FlyingToaster, Sep 15 2009

       We have been considering posting a similar idea - a bed or couch resembling a sunlounger, with a sheet of tensioned very fine mesh as its "mattress" and an array of variable-speed fans underneath to provide an adjustable cooling breeze.   

8th of 7, Sep 15 2009

       Pressurize your cooled air a bit more, and float in frictionless luxury just above the surface, like an air hockey puck. Add a little moisture and you have the perfect bed for burns victims. [+]
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 27 2009


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