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Airport security pre-screening service

Saves a lot of time and effort ...
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At the airport there's an option to go through "Security Pre-Screening". This is provided as an extra-cost service by either and airline, or an independent franchisee.

You pays your money and go through the door with your hand luggage. The nice* people then put you through the metal detector arch and x-ray your bags.

Anything that the TSA might query is brought to your attention. You can (a) have it mailed back to your home or workplace, (b) have them hold it until your return, or (c) just dump it.

Alternatively, they may advise you on how best to get it past the TSA searchers.

The premium service includes a lawyer who comes with you to the real TSA screening area and waves the regulations at them while threatening them with a lawsuit. Importantly, if the TSA are still obstructive, they are actually sued, the franchise getting 50% of the compensation and all their legal costs. This is an important secondary revenue stream; since the TSA is run by the government, it's effectively "free" money as they just print more if they need to.

*They are nice to you, because (a) they are trained to be nice, and (b) you are paying their wages and repeat business is important in service industries like this.

8th of 7, Nov 08 2013


       //At the airport there's an option to go through "Security Pre-Screening".//   

       So, if there's this option already, what exactly are you bringing to the barbie here?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 09 2013

       It's the meat of the idea, just confusingly presented.
Alterother, Nov 09 2013

       Well I like it. Seems clear enough to me.
AusCan531, Nov 09 2013

       Nudists fly half price?   

       ^ Sort of: the promotion says "half-price" in big letters, and "per cheek" in fine print.
FlyingToaster, Nov 09 2013

       If anyone is serious about doing this, I suggest you set up a trial booth in a warehouse on the way to the airport. Say in Denver where you have to drive east to get to the airport. You can experiment with prices and services until you find out if there is really a business.   

       Self service screening your own bags through a vending machine set up might be a low cost starting point. Maybe vending machine opens a gate allowing access to standard screening equipment. How to work the screening machines instructional video plays 24/7 in the lobby.   

       After you know what you can charge, then move to the high rent space in the airport confident things will work.   

       (Lost a favorite pocket knife to those screeners. Just forgot I had it with me.)
popbottle, Nov 09 2013

       I lost a pretty nice bike multitool with chaintool and allen keys. Forgot it was in my bag, but would never have expected it to be prohibited. There was also a sharp pair of wire cutters with it, and the lady looked at me very accusingly like I was there to do violence.
rcarty, Nov 09 2013

       and where you?   

pashute, Nov 12 2013

       // where //   

       Sp. "wos"
8th of 7, Nov 12 2013


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