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Giftwrapped Doctor's Office

Keep in touch while dining out
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Disguised as a gift, and apparently wrapped in a large pink bow, this powerful office machine is about the size of a toaster box. It can be carried into a restaurant without those pesky sneers and dirty looks. When the phone rings, a little chip plays " Happy Birthday to You," until a sufficient number of people seem to be annoyed. When a fax is incoming, the bow slowly extends as the fax in printed out. To make a call, the doctor just has to speak to the box. A miniscule speaker will allow her to hear the caller without actually picking up the box. When an urgent message is received, a mechanism will spin inside the box, making it hop around, appearing as though there is something alive in it. If the doctor does not notice, certianly someone would say, " Excuse me, Doctor, but your gift is jumping around." If it truly is necessary to type or view something, a panel on the side facing our doctor will produce a small keyboard and screen. Copies can be made by feeding the original into a slot in the top. The copy will, however, be only as narrow as the bow. A microwave oven for reheating things could conceiveably be integrated into this product.
flerper, Jun 09 2004


       Why would you need a microwave while dining out? The whole idea promotes limitless availability, and this is, I believe, the crux of modern living... Needless to say, I'm boning it.
daseva, Jun 09 2004

       doctors' hours are too long?
po, Jun 09 2004

       having been a doctors' gopher years ago. I understand this - I think...?
po, Jun 09 2004

       reading this i get the impression that it is a device designed to allow a doctopr to be contactable away from the office without having to carry a mobile phone and be thought of as one of the plebs who give mobile phone users a bad name.
engineer1, Jun 10 2004


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