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oil drum cocaine smuggling

double walled oil drums facilitate discreet cocaine transport
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i don't know if oil drums are already double walled but if not then i propose manufacturing special double walled oil drums with a volume of perhaps a few litres between walls where the would be smugglers could store the cocaine. columbia exports minerals and other goods in oil drums and they are shipped by boat. several kilos of cocaine could presumably be transported in each barrel.
911, Jan 14 2001


       Yes. Much like novelty sex toys, I doubt any of us could come up with something new here.   

       Besides, why pick on oil drums? Why not post 500 other ideas of the form "insert a hidden compartment in <some mundane form of transportation container>"? Cardboard boxes, wooden shipping crates, canned food, shipping containers, trucks, trains, automobiles, oil pipelines, meat lockers, freezer bags, ...
egnor, Jan 14 2001

       If a receiving country could just deport one immigrant for every kilo of drugs inderdicted by customs.
reensure, Jan 14 2001

       PeterSealy: They'd come back when they found out there was more drugs where they left.
reensure, Jan 15 2001

       Reminds rmutt of a great story from someone who worked at an oceanographic research lab. Apparently one research group needed seawater samples from the Pacific near the Galapagos. Anyway, they would tranship samples through Equador. Some genius realized that a certain alkaloid plant derivative could be dissolved in seawater, and recrystallized in the US, way past any suspicion of clueless customs officers. Apocryphally, the entire research team took an early retirement...
rmutt, Jan 20 2001


       Good point, but NONE of those things, oil drums included, would work. They're onto EVERYTHING, no exceptions. We have a friend in Peru whose only business is that he ships exotic woods into the U.S., and Customs here held his shipment up for DAYS while they went through his shipment--finding nothing, because he's not into that stuff at all. But I mean, these are PLANKS OF WOOD, with no marks and no holes. No matter. He didn't get his wood for days and days.
rachele, Jan 20 2001

       This could be a great way to sneak a large supply of double wall oil drums into the country! When they get done prosecuting the "mules" you can buy the drums cheap at the DEA auction and sell them to oil companies and make a killing.
DrBeauxeaux, Jan 20 2001

       "They're onto EVERYTHING, no exceptions."   

       I guess that explains why you can't get cocaine in the US any more, then. Oh, wait...
egnor, Jan 21 2001


       Heh heh..yeah, like McCocaine. Or KoKane (with a registered trademark symbol).
rachele, Jan 22 2001

       Everyone knows the best way to smuggle cocaine is up your nose. It may make it difficult to sell, but hey if your caught you can outrun any cop on the force
buckrogers, Jan 25 2001

       ya, befor you pass out and die! it wont work.
ScincePerson, May 26 2003

       sp: woik
po, May 26 2003

       Has anyone ever thought of growing the cocaine right here in America? Gosh, then we could cut out the boat people and save a buck...bush would totally approve..
user805, Oct 02 2003

       you stole that idea off James Bond   

0_owaffleo_0, Oct 02 2003


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